Jasmine’s Story


I got into camming after seeing an Ad on instagram. At the time I was working full time in a very high pressured job, in the office nearly 13 hours a day, for what I considered a good salary. I was suffering badly with stress and anxiety not only because of the job role, but because of the lifestyle I had with it. I felt like I had no time for myself, I knew I wasn’t happy but I felt stuck with no way of figuring out who I was.

I knew it was a risk, but I couldn’t stay in the cycle I was in. I contacted Off The Record and submitted an application. The owner was in touch pretty much the next day. Admittedly the main thing that was appealing to me at the time was the opportunity to earn similar money to what I was making in my office based role, but with the flexibility of hours, which would give me the time to take a breath and figure out what I wanted.
But after a long and very insightful conversation with the owner, I realised this was going to be the best move for me. She made me feel so at ease and also very excited for what was to come! I could set my own hours, set my own boundaries, and only do whatever I felt comfortable doing. No pressure from her at all, and now, this far down the line I can honestly say I’ve made a real friend too.
Since starting webcam modelling I’ve noticed not only my body confidence drastically improved, but my self esteem hit a new high, and my anxiety has definitely gone. I feel in control of myself and my life. I also feel like it’s something that really teaches you to love yourself.
Ive heard opinions that degrade webcam models and that because of this, women are being objectified and this is something I simply don’t agree with. What I see it as, is women taking control of an already existing situation.
Women are objectified on a daily basis regardless. Unfortunately that’s the world we live in. Whether it be a man in a van driving past and beeping, or being called a slut in the street if your skirt is too short. This way we’re in control and it’s in a safe environment.
I get objectified every day. Men in my DMs telling me I’m ‘fuckable’ then calling me a whore if I don’t reply. I got approached in the gym a few days back, and this guy actually said ‘god I wish you were squatting on top of me’. Literally to my face.
My point with that I guess is, some men are always going to objectify women, both those who accept it and those who don’t. So degrading the women who choose to take advantage of that situation isn’t the answer.
This gives women back some control. We create the guidelines and we say what goes. It’s pretty empowering. And why not earn some decent money while you’re at it?
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