Kendra’s Story


I am a mature lady, in my 50’s and a single parent of a young lady with Downs Syndrome. As you can imagine I don’t get a lot of time to myself and certainly found it difficult to go out socialising, which brought on a lack of confidence (which wasn’t me at all)and lost my own personality. Cutting a long story short, after looking around for jobs that wouldn’t fit in with my daughters needs, I saw an advert (really can’t remember where), for webcam models. Any shape, size and personality with the requirement to work from home, MASSIVE BONUS. I did a lot of digging and decided to give it a go, which is where I began my journey with OTR Models. Which I might add is run very professionally in a group that is not only there to help with any issues the girls (or guys) might have, but is a super caring and friendly family.

Now to the actual job of being a webcam model. Wow, is the first word that comes to mind, then fun and of course very sexy, or at least it makes me feel very sexy, also the opportunity to take time out and make that bit of extra effort in my appearance again, and I would be lying if I didn’t say it was also for the guys (and ladies occasionally ) who come into my webcam room. I can’t say there is any one particular person who comes into my room, it is like going out and meeting all different walks of life, some older, some younger (well to me anyway) ha ha, wealthy, working class BUT they all have one thing in common, they are looking for something to make their day or week that bit more enjoyable, whether that’s conversation about everyday life, sex or some fantasy or fetish they can’t talk to with anyone else. So in a nutshell, it has certainly given me oodles of confidence, my self esteem has rocketed, and yes I have realised I am still a sexy mature women AND I LOVE IT

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