Mia’s Story


I have been camming since February and honestly I’ve never felt so liberated. The group I’m with is super supportive and helpful.

I originally started after a break up (yeah that one). It is, however, something I’ve always been interested in but at first I didn’t have the courage or even any idea how to get started but after my relationship ended, I had freedom to try something new, a change I needed. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do.  I found the group through my friend who came across them on Instagram.  I’ve had such a positive experience with my group manager and all the members.  It’s all about female empowerment and I feel like they all get it. No one shames anyone. We share our life stories as well as tales from camming.
I feel like camming gives the power back to the sex worker if you compare it to porn stars.  I am completely in charge of what I do and don’t do on cam, it’s not some producer telling me what will “sell” and that I must do a certain act if I want to be successful.  If someone asks for something I’m not into; I tell them politely (most of the time) to find another girl.  I only do things that really turn me on too.  It’s a genuine experience for me, I figure while I’m there I might as well have fun.
The main difference between camming and porn is the interactive side of it.  I do get to know my clients well, and they get to know me too.  They tell me things they’ve never been able to admit to their partners or friends and I don’t judge, I accept.  I feel that’s why so many men choose camgirls over watching porn.  Not only that but they pay *me*, not some producer. I don’t get paid once and then they get as many shows as they want. They pay for every second they’re speaking to me, and that means something.
Mostly I’ve been doing femdomme and I’ve had a lot of fun with it, it’s certainly been an education and I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the process.  I also really enjoy the girlfriend experience; getting to know someone, remembering little things about them and having fun on cam as well.
I feel like camming has helped massively with my self esteem; I’ve learnt more about men in this short time than in the past 12 years since I’ve been dating them! There is truly a market for anything!  If it exists, there’s a kink for it.  I thought it would be something only instamodel-esque girls could do, but anyone can! Any age, size, gender! All you need is an open mind.
The money is fantastic and it’s changed my life completely.  I come from a not-so-well off background and I’m very careful with my money.  However being able to eat food I want because it tastes good rather than the cheapest option, being able to buy a £3 coffee I enjoy rather than the cheap filter option, being able to save in 3 months what took me a year previously!! It makes a huge difference.
It has been a sexual journey for me and one I’m going to continue enjoying for the foreseeable.
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