3 Motivational Tips for Cam Girls

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With the weather getting colder and the nights getting longer, it’s prime time for cam girls to increase their income! This being said, we understand that with the winter weather sometimes comes lack of motivation. Of course, camming is all about flexibility and fitting work around your Christmas film agenda! However, in terms of return on investment, now is the time to get online. You really could double your earnings during this period, and this will enable you to take some real time off over Christmas!

Struggling for motivation this week? Here are our top tips for models looking for a push in the right direction!

Do A Morning Workout

Number one on our motivation for cam girls list is a morning workout! Now, you might be thinking, ‘I am not a morning person!’ – but give some gentle exercise a try. Not only will it wake you up, but it kick starts the day and allows endorphins to flood your body! You’ll be left feeling motivated and on a positive high that will stay with you throughout the day.

If a morning workout really isn’t for you, try exercising in the evening. If you plan to cam late, it’ll give you a burst of energy before heading online. Regardless of when you work out, it’ll allow you a better quality of sleep, which means you’ll feel great when you wake up the next day.

Don’t Stop the Music!

They say that music is human lifeblood, and for good reason! Music has the power to completely change the way you’re feeling. One of our top tips for motivation is to create a playlist that you know is going to pump you up! Think of the songs that make you feel good and the artists you love. Whilst you’re getting ready to go on cam, blast your tunes; you’ll be feeling confident and ready to go smash your targets in no time!

Even when you’re live on cam, feel free to play your music – it brings a sense of personality to your channel and your regulars will love to see it!

Go Au Natural

It only takes ten minutes to get ready and begin earning money! New cam girls may believe that you have to be made up from head to toe every time you go online. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Clients love to see the more personal and ‘down to earth’ side of you, so going on cam with minimal make up and your normal clothes is often the preferred option.

You could literally be fresh from the shower, do your skincare regime, pop your hair up, a little mascara, a silky dressing gown and you’re good to go! Be yourself and the rest will follow.

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