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What is a webcam model?

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A webcam model is someone who performs live shows to clients through their laptop on a webcam. There are 3 types of calls where you can earn money. First is free live, this is where you entice clients to spend money via tips or to take you into paid calls. We then have private chat, this is where multiple people will join your chat and pay a price per min to spend time with you, but your attention is shared. Finally we have exclusive calls where you engage with your client 1-1, again being paid a premium price per minute for your undivided attention.

It’s very important to note at this point that you are in FULL CONTROL of every single call. You decide what happens and if you choose to do the thing the client requestS. If the situation isn’t for you, you can tell the client you aren’t interested and end the call or you can find out what else they would be interested in. Whatever happens, you do not do anything you do not want to do. Your room so your rules!!!

Whilst webcam can be about the sexy stuff, its important you are entirely yourself on cam, never pretend to be overly sexy (believe it or not it doesn’t work) Authenticity is key here. Have a watch of what becky, our founder has to say:

Do I have to show my face?

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Yes you do have to show your face. Your face is the key to you making this job a success. Webcam is ALL about the connection, so that means seeing your face, eyes, lips helps that client connect with a real person. We have 3 ways in which you can hide who you are without compromising the connection, have a little watch here:

I’d like to be a non-nude model?

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Yes, you can 100% start your career with us as a non nude model. Some models find this way a little less daunting than going straight in for the classic route, & we have lots of ways you can monetize this. This will be part 2 of your training with us. You may find, as you get used to life as a webcam model, that you may want to earn more but doing more but again this is something you can take at your own pace.

I’m worried about being recognised, what do I do?

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We understand the fear and worry of being found. It’s one of the main worries models have before they join us. We have 3 hacks to help hide your identity (Check out TikTok on video 2) Also, we have the option to block your home country should you need to. Again, It may make you feel more at ease when you first start.

Can I hide from the country that I live in?

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Yes you can. We have the option to Geo Block locations. This means if you live in the UK we can block all traffic from the UK. However, it can reduce your traffic, losing calls from a whole country. Also, as an example, if someone from the UK travels to America their IP address will change so therefore you could show to them again. There are small loopholes like this to be aware of.

Will this job show up in job checks?

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Absolutely not! The website we use is highly protected by GDPR. There will never be information shared to any business outside of the platform. As such, it’s difficult for us to find out information about clients that use the site. So this won’t ever show up on any job checks.

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