4 Niche Markets Cam Girls Can Break Into

Everyone has a fetish; whether you’re into feet or like to watch people eat on camera! While mainstream porn often covers common fetishes like BDSM, there are a few fairly unique kinks that cannot be satisfied by watching online porn. That’s where camgirls come in!

Not only does camming allow the user to build a relationship with the camgirl, but the online camgirl industry embraces that everyone likes something different. As a result, there are plenty of webcam models who can cater to these specific fetishes.

If you’re starting out in the camgirl industry, a great way to gain an audience and build up the tips is finding a fetish that you can cater to. Here is Off The Record’s, webcam model management’s, list of common niches that could kickstart your webcam career.


Foot fetishes are one of the most popular niches to break into. After all, you don’t have to show your face but you can make big bucks from just pictures of your feet. For example, you can try dangling your feet in front of the camera as well as showing off your soles and painted toenails. Some of our live cam girls also rub oil on them or soak them in the bath; which is very easy to do on camera.


If you fancy changing up your regular camming look, then why not try out fetish clothing for your next niche! You will find that materials such as leather, rubber and PVC are incredibly popular on internet modelling sites. Whether it’s a jacket, stockings or corset; wearing fetish clothing can help drive up your views and help you gain more tips.


Whether it’s taking it out of the packet and stretching it or blowing it up to create balloon animals, balloon play is a highly popular and fun niche to get into. Balloon play consists of blowing up a balloon to either bounce them around, burst them or even protect them! Despite being wonderfully weird, the fetish provides a great opportunity for webcam models to earn tips without having to do anything remotely sexual.


If there was any excuse to get your nails done, this is it! You will find that long painted fingernails are a much smaller niche than the others, but there are few interested users who will obsess over your nails. You could even get creative and try painting your nails on camera.

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