Be A Cam Girl Alongside Your Full Time Job

Be A Cam Girl Alongside Your Full Time Job

Do you want to be a cam girl but are worried that it could interfere with your current, full time occupation? Maybe you’re looking for a fun, new outlet that can earn you a lot of money. Any woman working across any industry sector can be a successful cam girl; you just have to have passion and dedication to the role and the rest will follow.

It’s no secret that there is a stigma that professional women should not be cam girls. We say this statement is false; cam girls come from all walks of life. In fact, diversity is essential to the role – it’s your uniqueness that will set you apart from others in the industry. That being said, there are some key processes to follow in order to ensure the smooth running of your new side hustle, alongside your full-time career.


I Want to Cam but I’m In A Position of Power


Perhaps you’re the CEO, a nurse, a manager, a tutor – nonetheless, a position of power and with high responsibility. Many women who aim to be a cam girl alongside their vanilla profession worry about one thing in particular: people finding out their identity. There are so many ways to ensure that you keep anonymity and reap the benefits of a lucrative career. At OTR, some of our most successful cam girls are nurses, therapists, financial advisors and solicitors.

Turning to camming often becomes more than a side project. For many working women, this diverse and creative industry offers so many exciting opportunities and benefits that they decide to take on camming as their full-time profession, leaving previously restrictive positions and taking the lucrative leap of faith and freedom.


Pick and Choose


Whether it’s the type of clients you want to attract, the hours you work or the information you give out, you can choose and control every aspect of your career when it comes to camming. This is why it makes it such a fantastic side project to indulge in alongside your full-time job. This career is all about accommodating you and your lifestyle to allow for your happiness, new aspirations and a comfortable work-life balance.

On the subject of information you give out, never give people your real, personal information. Utilise a fake name, set up social media for work and a separate phone number for work enquiries.


Your Best Angle


Don’t let the worry of being recognised hold you back! There are so many ways in which you can disguise yourself on cam. A lot of women want to go completely faceless and whilst this works for some people, we wouldn’t recommend it. Camming is all about connection and without a face, you can’t connect to your audience and vice versa. Faceless profiles never do as well.

If you want to be a cam girl, invest in some beautiful, distinguished disguises! Glamourous make-up, wigs different from your own hair colour, glasses, eye contact lenses, statement attire and an enhanced persona are just some of the way to ensure that you are unrecognisable.

As an aside, when you are camming, try to keep the camera directly on you and the same background, for example your bed and back wall. Don’t show anyone around on camera – the slightest look outside of your bedroom window could give away your direct location.


Get in Touch

Camming can work alongside any profession and accommodate any position. If you’re looking to join a team of supportive cam girls as you start your journey, we are on hand to help! Here at OTR Models, we are experienced cam models ourselves, so know all the tricks of the trade to help you succeed in your new venture. Contact us here, or for a little more information, check out our Instagram @offtherecord_models.

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