Become a Cam Girl: 3 Ways to Make Your Side Hustle Your Real Hustle

Become a Cam Girl

It’s quite the norm for a webcam model to have a vanilla job, whilst camming on side. But maybe you’re bored of the 9-5? Perhaps you’ve seen first-hand just how much money you can earn camming and want to take the full time leap? Well, you’ve come to the right place for guidance. Here at Off The Record Models, we can help you on your journey to become a cam girl. We’re experienced models ourselves, so know exactly what to do if you want your side hustle to become your fulltime job!


Webcam Model Agency

 If you’re looking to really kick start your career, it’s important that you find a webcam model agency who has your best interest at heart. It’s a competitive world out there and a lot of agencies are money hungry and won’t look after you. We’ve been there and done that. If you’re looking for support whilst you transition to full time, OTR can help.

We’re industry experts, which sets us apart from many other agencies. We’re female founded and all about building each other up and celebrating success; in what is known as a highly competitive and male dominated industry! On your journey to become a cam girl, we want you to feel empowered and will always point you in the right direction. Our team know the tricks of the trade and can help set you up for success.


Plan and Prep

Like with any other job, you’ll need to prepare. Plan your shows, schedule your clients and be disciplined. Your livelihood depends on you producing content in the form of live shows or social media on your working days. If you want to become a cam girl who earns big money, you must treat this career move in the same way you would a promotion at the 9-5. The beauty of camming is that it is flexible. You’re essentially your own boss, but you must have a structure to your week as it will impact your monthly salary and your work-life balance.

It’s also important that you have a space suitable to deliver your best work, alongside the equipment to compliment your shows. A high-quality laptop, microphone, camera and ring light are essential to begin with. Professionalism and persistence are a key part of making this side hustle your real hustle, so don’t be hesitant to invest in your journey; it’ll all pay off in the long run.


A Regular Following

Once you have a profile, a plan and your equipment, your aim will be to gain a regular following. This is where the money is made. It could be in your best interest to set up social media accounts to allow you to target a larger fanbase. You will be able create success from camming no matter what. However, the more you push your career, the more you’ll earn. Some girls choose not to grow their marketing and prefer to log on to the platform, work their hours and log off. Everyone is different and doing whatever works for you is the best way to get the most out of your job.

That being said, the power of social media will help you maximise your earnings. This is because you can target even more potential customers, so it’s worth bearing in mind. You can ask your fans what they would like to see, schedule private shows and let them know the times you’ll be online. This will ensure your content is relevant and you’ll always have an watching audience.

To become a cam girl full-time, your regular clients will play a huge part in your career move. If you’re delivering what they want to see they’ll stick around. However, the ‘show’ won’t be enough for some. It’s important that you are passionate about the content you are putting out. There must be an authentic sincerity in what you do. Contrary to popular belief, camming is all about genuine connection. Your clientele will see your confidence and passion for your work a mile off. They’ll thank you for your authenticity by paying above the grade and coming back for more.


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Do you want to become a cam girl or escalate your career to the next level? At Off The Record Models, we’re a supportive community who encourage our girls to reach their full potential and enhance their business opportunities! If you’d like to know a little more about what our webcam model agency offers, then we’d love to hear from you. Apply here or take a looks at @offtherecord_models for more information.

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