Become A Cam Girl: What You Need to Get Started

An image of a webcam model to represent what you need to Become A Cam Girl

Want to become a cam girl but aren’t sure what you need to get started? The good news is that anyone is eligible, all you need are a few essentials to hit the ground running. Here at Off The Record Models, we are on hand to help you achieve ultimate job satisfaction, an amazing work-life balance and encourage financial independence that no other career can offer. Here’s what you need to get started in the industry and how our female cam agency can help you on your journey.


Age and ID Requirements

Whether you’re looking to join our agency, or venture into the world of camming through other means, you must be 18 years or older. You must also have in-date Government ID. This can be your passport or driver’s license of your British, and either your passport or national ID if you’re from outside the UK.


Laptop, Camera, WIFI

To become a cam girl who has a high traffic profile, we’d recommend fast and reliable WIFI, with a minimum of 10mbps upload speed. People often forget about WIFI speed when it comes to camming. No connection or lagging means that your client retainment won’t be as high because viewers won’t be able to see you properly, let alone engage in conversation. Good WIFI is a necessity to succeed in camming.

Alongside this, you should invest in a reputable laptop that is no more than a couple of years old. It must have sufficient memory and the latest software updates are essential to ensure ease of use. Without a good device to stream, you simply won’t be able work. You can use the built-in webcam, or an external plug-in webcam. We would only suggest using your built-in camera if it is of high quality. Our recommendation would be to buy a 4k or 1080p camera for the best results.


Your Application

Should you wish to apply to be a model with OTR, we would ask you to think of a nickname for your online profile. If you need a little inspiration, we can help you with this! You’ll also need an email address and password to enable you to sign up to the platform. We’d recommend setting up a separate work email address, so that enquiries don’t get mixed up with your general communications.

Upon application, you’ll also need three photos that will be uploaded to your profile. These don’t have to be explicit or lingerie shots to begin with. It’s all about whatever you feel most comfortable with, what you feel shows your personality and how you wish to be presented online.


A Can-Do Attitude

If you are personable, love to chat and are hard-working, you’re the perfect fit to become a cam girl. Over anything, you must be able to talk to people, listen to your clients and exude personality over camera. Communication is so important in this role. Not only this, but you must be a keen self-starter. Proactiveness and planning go hand in hand to achieve the big bucks here!


Get in Touch

Want to become a cam girl? We’d love for you to join us! At OTR, we’re all about creating a community of strong and independent women who push each other to achieve their very best. Our team are also cam girls ourselves. Rest assured, we know what we’re talking about and are able to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Get in touch with us here, or for a little more information, head over to our Instagram @offtherecord_models.

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