Become a Cam Model: Setting Up Your Cam Space

Set up cam space when you become a cam girl

When it comes to working from home, all self-employed people will have some kind of workspace set up in their home. This could be a full home office complete with a “boss-like” desk chair and sophisticated storage, or you and your laptop in bed. Either way, this space is important for keeping organised and focused on a task.

As a camgirl, having a separate space where you can work is not much different from your typical home office. However, you may need to make a few adjustments to the usual setup!

As a webcam model agency, we provide support and advice for advancing the careers of our live cam girls. If you’re just starting out in the camgirl world, here are a few tips for setting up your workspace:

1. Find the right lighting

Before you even start setting up a room for camming, identify which room has the best lighting. You can do this by turning on your webcam and checking if the light is bright enough to see you clearly. If the lighting isn’t great in your home, why not invest in some professional lighting options. For example, using soft boxes and ring lights can help brighten up the room around you so your audience can see all of your features. It may take a little experimenting but it will be worth it when you start going live.

2. Learn the right camera angles

Let’s face it, nobody looks good from every angle! When it comes to camming, knowing your camera angles is very important. After all, if the camera is too low, all your audience will see is up your nose and if it’s too high, they will just get to see your hair! We recommend sitting your webcam at above eye level so the audience feel as if you’re right there with them.

3. Make sure you have a big space

It doesn’t matter where you’re camming from. Whether it’s your bedroom or living room, you need to make sure you have the space to move around. After speaking to the live camgirls at Off the Record Models, we know customers will get bored if you stay in the same position all of the time. That’s why you must be able to walk around or dance in the space you’re in.

4. Remove any mess

If you forget to remove background clutter from your room, it can be a huge turnoff for customers. No one wants to see a pile of your dirty clothes on the floor! Make sure the background of your live show is tidy so it doesn’t distract from your performance. If you work from your bed, we also recommend smoothing out the covers and fluffing up the pillows before you start as this makes for a nice background in your shows.

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