Become a Cam Model: The Best Sex Toys and Tools to Use on Cam

Become a Cam Model: The Best Sex Toys and Tools to Use on Cam

To become a cam model, there a few things you must make sure you have before you begin. Drive, determination and confidence are key but, it’s your tools that will set you apart from your competition. We’re not just talking techy tools: your laptop, camera etc, we’re talking lingerie, sex toys and anything else that will enhance viewing content, so that you gain a regular following. At Off the Record Models, we’re experienced cam models ourselves, so we thought we’d break down the top toys and tools that you could use on cam!


The Essentials


If you’re looking to become a cam model and get on track to success, there are a few essentials that we would recommend having to hand in your camming toolbox. Part of your job role will be to research the type of products that you’d like to use, but also, what toys are most appropriate to the kind of content you’d like to offer. Here are our must haves:


Lube: If you’re looking for ultimate comfort in each session, lube is an essential for you. A little goes a long way and, on those evenings where you’re doing a couple of sessions a night, it’ll be a god send. Lube just makes everything that little bit easier! Check out the different sensations and flavours to add a little extra to the experience.


Vibrator: There are so many to choose from and the choices are endless! From more discreet bullets, to vibrating dildos and vibrating butt plugs, all come under the umbrella of a vibrator. There are many sizes, shapes and settings to consider. One innovative brand is Lovense, the only mainstream brand to release toys that have features specifically catered for cam performers. You can set any of their vibrators to react to viewers tips, dishing out bigger and stronger vibrations the more your audience spends. A great idea, and certainly something to consider if you’re looking to become a cam model.

Liberators: Often overlooked, but a really handy tool to have. A liberator makes any furniture suitable for sex of any sort. There are a few products to choose from within this brand and they come in various shapes and sizes and can be washed easily. From throws to ramps and wedges, they are waterproof, silky and super convenient. They can keep you comfortable for any length of time in the most compromising positions.

Dildos: The bread and butter of essentials, like vibrators, there are hundreds of dildos to choose from; some even suction to a surface for ultimate convenience! If you’re looking for something a little more girlie, try glass dildos – they come in beautiful colours and designs, made to make a statement.


Tips and Tricks

When buying, it’s always within your best interest to get portable devices. This way you can cam at any time, knowing that your tools will always deliver! Additionally, be sure to clean your toys before and after use to ensure cleanliness and minimise the risk of any infection, especially if you’re using them frequently. Dry them completely before storing correctly in separate bags.


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If you’re looking to become a cam model, we can help you! If you need support and advice to get you on your feet, we’d love to hear from you! Our supportive community are the best in the business and are committed to helping you on your journey. Get in touch today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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