Become A Cam Model: Tips for Getting Viewers To Interact With You

Become a cam model

There is a common misconception before you sign up to become a cam model, that you can just jump on a live stream and get hundreds of viewers. That isn’t always the case! We don’t want to dampen your excitement of being a webcam girl, as camming can be an extremely exciting opportunity for women. However, as a leading cam girl agency, our team feels it is important to highlight the importance of dedication and hard work when you become a cam girl.

Just like any typical job, webcam model work requires putting the hours in if you want to see results. Although, the benefits often outweigh those of a normal 9 to 5! After all, if you are able to invest in high-quality equipment, regularly stream and engage with users outside of camming, you could be earning anywhere from £500 to £2,000 a week.

Here at Off The Record Models – a leading webcam model agency in the UK, we have helped hundreds of women start their career as live cam models. We have a team of experienced webcam models who support and mentor women through the early stages of camming. You will also be added to the OTR community group chat where you can share advice and tips with other girls. We recently asked our current girls what their top tips were for getting people to interact with you while on cam and here’s what they said:


Show Off Your Recent Purchases.

People think that being a webcam girl means you have to take your clothes off and perform on camera. However, that isn’t true! A vast majority of our camgirls spend most of their time wearing clothes and talking to their audience. Our camgirl, Anna Lou, said: “If I’ve had a delivery of something then I will ask my viewers for their opinion. For example, if I had a new LoveHoney delivery, I would keep the box nearby. Then, if the conversation goes a bit dry, I will say I’ve had a delivery of these and show them everything I bought like a haul. I find it great to ask for their opinions because it gets the conversation started. It’s also a good way to see what your audience do and don’t like.

Write Blogs and Post About Things You Love and Enjoy.

When you become a cam model, it’s just as important to have a presence on social media or on a blog, as it is on the webcam model sites. That’s why posting about your favourite things in the form of tweets or blog posts can be a great way to engage people! Another one of our most successful UK camgirls, Red Delicious, said: “I often get people coming to watch me because they’ve read my blogs, which are about things I enjoy or are interested in. I used to teach English Lit, Language and Drama so I use my blog as an excuse to write. It means people who read it and find it amusing or enjoy it will pop by on cam and say, “I just read your blog, I like ‘Withnail and I’ too!” or “I like your taste in music!” It’s great at starting conversations and gives us something to chat about – especially when I’m passionate about the topic, I could talk for hours!

Get to Know Your Audience by Asking Questions.

The first rule you learn as live cam models is building a connection with people to develop a loyal audience base. You can do this by finding out information about your audience and asking them questions. Our webcam model, Camilla West says: “I find that asking them questions about themselves, their interests and their kinks/fetishes is always a winner. It’s also important to make sure you look genuinely excited and interested to talk to them when you’re live on camera. It will help engage people and keep the conversation going. A big tip from me: pay full attention to the screen instead of glancing at the TV or your phone!


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