Becoming A Cam Girl at Age 40

Becoming A Cam Girl at Age 40

Are you thinking of becoming a cam girl, but you’re worried about your age? Don’t be. Honestly, age is just a number when it comes to successful cam modelling. It all depends on how far you want to go and how passionate you are about your job.

At Off The Record Models, we are webcam models ourselves, so know exactly how to help you feel confident in your role and grab the opportunities that come your way! Here are our top tips on how to become a cam girl when you’re over 40, and looking for an exciting and lucrative career!


Find a Niche

We can’t emphasise how important this is. The camming industry is busier than ever, so if you’re looking to overtake the competition, a niche is a steadfast way to do so. Becoming a cam girl at 40 only plays to your advantage. One, because the younger market is the most saturated but two because there are some specific kinks that you can home in on and increase your earnings quite dramatically!


Invest in Your Equipment

If you’re serious about making it in the adult industry, you need some great equipment from the get-go. It might seem like a bit of expenditure at first, but further down the line, you’ll thank yourself. The better your equipment, the professional you look. You’ll need a good quality laptop with a microphone and webcam, a ring light and fast internet speed to start you off.



Roleplay is a highly popular niche and there are many types to try your hand at. The key is doing something that you’re passionate about! Authenticity and sincerity in what you do is essential. Having a love for what you do will show clearly throughout your shows and content, bringing you a larger following and a great reputation.

Being 40+ means you have real life experience that you can utilise when playing certain personas! That’s something that many younger women won’t have, and this will only enhance your client’s fantasy! Never be shy. Take a character and run with it – as long as it’s the client’s idea (and you’re comfortable with it). This will ensure you increase your earnings. Remember, adding lib and exploring different sides and depths to characters is a great way to find exactly what you love and what you’re good at!



A MILF persona is definitely something you can use to your advantage! Women who are experienced and sexy are incredibly alluring. Mature women are the fantasy of most of the younger male population. So, by becoming a cam girl at 40, you can certainly play on the MILF fantasies that are in high demand!

You can heavily increase your income by showing your erotic skills to the right viewer, you just need to go for it! Be sure that your camming profile states exactly what you do and don’t offer. This way, there will no miscommunication further down the line and you can perform with complete confidence.



Another great niche to look into is domme/sub relationships. Mature domme’s are one of the most requested kinks out there. You simply have to get in touch with your bossy side! It’s all about getting into the mind of your client and knowing that they want to be controlled! There are varying degrees of domination, so we recommend having a look into the specifics and seeing what takes your fancy.

Dominating is often not as ‘sadist’ as we think it is. Often, clients want to forget about the daily stresses of life and see tuning into their submissive fetishes as a great release. Just know how far you want to take the experience and ensure that the client will receive the fantasy they’re looking for. Remember, it’s all acting and an empowering opportunity for you to take control and in turn, boost your revenue!


Get in Touch

If you’re considering becoming a cam girl, we’d love to hear from you. At OTR, our supportive camming community is female founded and we are on hand to answer any questions you have throughout your journey! Want to join our webcam agency? Appy here, or for a little more information, take a look at our Instagram, @offtherecord_models.


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