Becoming A Cam Girl: What Do I Wear?

Becoming A Cam Girl: What Do I Wear?

Thinking of becoming a cam girl but aren’t sure what you should have in your wardrobe? In truth, you could wear absolutely anything on cam and it would work! So long as you feel comfortable and confident, that’s all that matters. This week, we take a closer look at some of the myths surrounding what you should wear on cam and if there are any truths in them.

Do I Need to Be Nude?

No. You do not have to take your clothes off on cam. You can be fully clothed, partially clothed, or however you feel most comfortable, and still feel just as sexy! There should never be any pressure to remove clothing. It’s your platform and you are creating a space where you are priority and comfortability is key.

Full Glam

There is a common misconception with becoming a cam girl and the cam industry that you have to be glammed up all of the time. This is not true. You can genuinely wear no-make up, soft make-up, casual clothes, gym gear and even pyjamas and always make money on cam. However, if you want to wear something glamourous, go for it! When it comes to making money, it’s often not the outfit that plays the biggest part. What matters is that you are genuine. Really, all clients want is that connection with someone who allows them to feel heard.


This being said, lingerie remains a timeless choice for becoming a cam girl. Exuding sensuality and allure, there’s many options to choose from, lacey bras, satin panties, silk robes and vibrant coloured corsets. Experimenting with different styles, materials and colours can help you find the perfect get-up that accentuates your features and captivates your audience. Investing in the right lingerie can enhance your confidence. This will help to elevate the overall visual appeal of your livestreams.


For those seeking to add a touch of fantasy to their performances, costumes offer endless possibilities for creativity and role-playing. Whether you’re channelling a sultry teacher, seductive nurse, or enchanting fantasy character, costumes, wigs, props and make-up allow you to embody various personas and cater to diverse fantasies and enhance the experience for your viewers.


While lingerie and costumes undoubtedly hold appeal, some cam girls opt for a more casual approach by wearing everyday clothing during lives. From crop tops and booty shorts to oversized sweaters and leggings, casual clothing can convey a relaxed and approachable vibe that resonates with a broader audience.

Target Audience

If you’re struggling to decide on what to wear, take a look at your target audience. You can use what you wear to shape your online persona and attract viewers. Whether you opt for lingerie, costumes, fetish gear or casual attire, try to reflect the desired image and cater to the preferences of the target followers, whilst allowing your personality to shine through.

The goal is to increase your following and gain a larger number of regular clients. As you get to know your followers, you can begin to tailor your outfits to suit specific clients during one-on-one time.

Becoming A Cam Girl With OTR

By prioritising comfort, confidence, and authenticity, you can create captivating performances that leave a lasting impression on your viewers and propel your camming career to new heights!

Becoming a cam girl is one of the best things you can do for yourself! At Off The Record Models, we are a female founded agency that support and build up our team of women. If you have any questions about the journey ahead, or are after a little more information, you can visit our Instagram @offtherecord_models or sign up with us here today.

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