Being A Cam Girl: How to Deal with Downtime

Being A Cam Girl: How to Deal with Downtime

Being a cam girl can offer a wealth of opportunities and new experiences, not to mention ultimate control of your work-life balance and your finances. However, its known within the industry that with the warmer weather comes the spring/summer slump.

We know the blossom has only just started to bud, but we think it’s important that cam girls are prepared for periods of downtime that may occur over the coming months. This way, you’ll know exactly what to do in the meantime!


Observe the Lull

Firstly, take note of when these quieter periods happen. In our experience, there is direct correlation with the summer months, the temperature rising and the later/busier evenings resulting in some quieter days on cam. This is nothing to worry about, it’s extremely common around this time of year.

This being said, do keep an eye on when the lull happens – days, times, months – and see if you can tweak your schedule to make as much difference as possible. It may be that you can garner clientele from other countries at certain times of the day. There is always another way to ensure you are able to gain a substantial income, just ensure you’re well informed before making these decisions.


Monetise with Marketing

Utilise prolonged spare time to market yourself accordingly. This way, you’re more likely to increase your following, meet new clientele and see a financial increase. Social media is an easy and effective way to engage with your audience!

Perhaps you haven’t had the time to create your best content over the busier months? Use this time to curate content that you are passionate about! Your audience always love to see new and refreshing content. By making additional private content, you’ll can ask for higher prices too.

Being a cam girl is all about connection with your clients. Be sure to spend time with your regulars in private rooms, taking the time to check in with them will ensure income and usually have a higher chance of tips, which can really help to boost your monthly salary if you haven’t been as busy recently.


You Time

Your work is important, but make sure you indulge in yourself during quieter periods. Enjoy a little more time off in the Summer, book a holiday and unwind! We understand that it can feel a little disheartening if you’re not as busy as you hoped, but this is sometimes the way of being a cam girl and working online – it is certainly not your fault and it will pass.

Our advice would be don’t panic about not working as much. Remember, negative energy is a powerful thing, so try not to put this out into the universe. Take this period as it comes. So long as you are doing all you can to look after yourself and encourage new opportunities where needed, then you are trying your best.

Ensure that you are getting enough sleep, take this extra time to go swimming, prepare yourself delicious meals, start a new hobby, meet with family, take long walks with your fur-babies, go to dinner with friends, pamper yourself, or put your feet up and catch up on Netflix! As you can see, the self-care list is endless. Do what makes you happy and brings you joy to enhance your day-to-day. You’ll come back feeling happier, refreshed and ready to take on any challenge.


Get in Touch

Navigating quieter times can be difficult, but the team at OTR are always on hand to help! We’re cam girls ourselves, so understand the industry in its entirety. Thinking of being a cam girl? Let our webcam model agency help you on your journey to success!

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