Being A Cam Girl: Should I Cam on Christmas Day?

Being a cam girl on Christmas day.

If this is your first December being a cam girl, you might be asking ‘should I cam on Christmas day?’. There’s certainly no obligation to, in fact, traffic does tend to slow down on over Christmas and Boxing Day because of the volume of people celebrating and coming offline. However, there are ways you can increase your income around the festivities! Let’s take a closer look into camming on Christmas Day and the surrounding timeframe.

The Present

If you’re wanting to make the most money possible over the festive season, the time is now. Waiting until Christmas Eve won’t perform any Christmas miracles for your bank balance. Although there will be some money to be made, it’s all about the lead up.

With the nights longer and colder, being a cam girl can become busy because there are a lot more people online wanting to cam. Our advice is to cash in now, so you can really make the most of the festivities. Niche content works very well in December, so be sure to prepare your content ahead of time and don’t be afraid to get festive in your live shows!

Rudolph The Regular

If you know you will be online the week of Christmas, book time in with your regulars in advance! We can’t stress what an important part this has to play when it comes to increasing your earnings. Usually, time with regulars result in higher tips and around this time of year, you’ll find they’re more generous. Afterall, it is the season for giving! If you’re hoping to get online and earn, scheduling this time in over the festive period will fare you well.

Additionally, if you would like more of a Christmas break, you could just have ‘regular’ time over Christmas. This way, you know exactly where you’re at and the times you need to be online, however it’ll be less frequent and you’ll get to have more time off, without compromising your usual income! Being a cam girl around Christmas is all about planning, organisation and holding yourself accountable.

How Much Money Do Cam Girls Make?

From October to mid-December, there are ample viewers on cam. However, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day can be a little quieter because only a portion of the usual viewers tend to venture online. If you’re asking how much money do cam girls make, there is no definitive answer as the figure is subjective. It all depends on the hours worked and clients you have. By booking time in with your regulars, you can really ramp up those earnings over Christmas week. Having that time together booked means guaranteed money and the best use of your working time over the festivities.

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Thinking of being a cam girl? There’s no time like the present! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s prime time to start earning the money you’ve always dreamed of. With flexibility, freedom and the friendship of the most supportive community at your fingertips, you couldn’t ask for more from your career.

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