Being a Cam Girl: The Fascination with Food

Being a cam girl means you might get requests to eat on cam.

We all love food, but for some people, it’s a little more than others! We talk a lot about niches, but have you ever heard of a mukbang?! Being a cam girl nowadays, it’s not uncommon to get requests to eat in front of the camera. Sounds good right? Lets take a look at the fascination with food.


What is a Mukbang?

A mukbang is a live-streamed eating show, where the host or hostess binge eats large portions of food. Sometimes the host can even cook the food on camera and then eat it. Sounds good right?


It’s often messy, with some girls deliberately featuring noisy sound effects and even detailing the food they’re about to eat, experimenting with ASMR. Other shows can hone in on getting caked in the food whilst it’s being eaten – we’re talking all over your face, hands and probably your clothes. Women are primarily the ones in the limelight for this activity, with viewers paying a lot of money to watch them eat specific foods.


Is Food Even Sexual?

It really depends on what you’re eating and who is watching. Food is a kind of fetish, so for those who know they find it a turn on, they’re looking for a slice of the pie! Eating shows are hugely popular, so be sure to do you research before branching out. Have a look at other videos for inspiration. Food like seafood, soup and noodles get lots of interest because they’re messy and sloppy – you get what we mean. If something has a crunch to it, or you can slurp it, chances are it’s a good food to consider showcasing in your mukbang session. For many viewers, the idea of watching a woman eat large volumes of food that they can audibly hear is a real turn on!


Food Fetishes

We’ve spoken about the importance and longevity of niches a lot on our blog. If you offer something different, this will certainly pay off long-term, as you will be known for standing out from the crowd. Being a cam girl in the food category is a niche in itself. Many viewers will be specifically searching for food related profiles. Be sure to detail everything you offer and everything you’re willing to try. This will help you gain a regular following and in turn, more income.


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