Being A Cam Model and Dating

Dating can be challenging at the best of times let alone being a cam model. The excitement, yet nerve-wracking concept of talking to someone new, the anticipation of the date and of course, the worry of getting to know each other – will they like me? Will I like them? These are all thoughts and feelings every person in the dating game has felt.


Being a cam model could mean that you’re extra nervous about the ‘getting to know each other’ process. Perhaps you’re worried about revealing your career? Unfortunately, it is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to people’s opinions on cam work. We know plenty of successful cam girls who are dating or in relationships, so don’t lose hope! We thought we’d share our top tips for dating and being a cam model.

Being a Cam Model You Always Need To Be Honest


In our opinion, honesty is the best policy. You certainly don’t want to be moving things along with someone who doesn’t know about your career. Imagine, you keep your job to yourself, or white lie about what you do, 6 months later your significant other finds out what you’re doing and the whole things blows up in your face. Concealing your career will only make you look like the bad person in the long run and you don’t want to base your relationship on deceit that early on.


Unfortunately, this scenario is not one size fits all and people feel differently about this nature of work. Be honest and as soon as you feel comfortable, let them know what you do, and the sooner the better. You can gradually reveal more information as time goes on and should things progress, be sure to tell your partner of the details in plenty of time, just so there is no shock further down the line. For now though, covering the basics will tell you very quickly if this person is worth your time!

Don’t Compromise


Being a cam girl is an extremely rewarding career, it’s important that whoever your dating understands your reasons for camming and also supports you. If things are getting a little more serious, you can certainly define your relationship, but be sure to take this step together. Do it because you want to, not because you feel you have to.


We’ve heard of cases where cam girls agree to be in an exclusive relationship because they’re worried their partner doesn’t really approve of their career. Making things exclusive should be an exciting and positive next step in your relationship, because you both feel the time is right. Not because you need to prove your loyalty in any way. Camming is your career, it’s not solely who you are as a person; whoever your dating should always put you as a person first, no matter the circumstances.

Being a Webcam Model Means You Need to Set Boundaries 


If things do get a little more serious, setting boundaries with work is a great way to guarantee you’re getting enough downtime and enjoying each other’s company. Being a cam girl can be a demanding job at times; scheduling a routine and sticking to it will benefit your work-life balance significantly. Be sure you both set aside some time for a weekly date night, even if it’s simply cooking dinner together, or watching a movie, it just ensures that quality time together outside of work.

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Whether you’re dating or not, being a cam girl can fit easily around your lifestyle and routine. If you’re interested in becoming part of our supportive community, we’d love to hear from you! You can apply here, or for more information about Off The Record Models, take a look at our Instagram.

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