Being A Cam Model Isn’t Easy: Here’s Why

how hard is being a cam model

From the outside looking in, being a cam modelcan appear incredibly easy. After all, it’s just sitting in front of a webcam and looking pretty, right? Well, that’s actually a very small part of the job! Webcam model workis very much building your own business. You are responsible for managing your working hours, marketing your brand and paying your taxes. As a result, your success being a cam modelis very much down to you.


As one of the UK’s leadingwebcam model managementagencies, we understand the challenges presented to camgirls on a day to day basis. We currently have a community of over a hundred girls who are succeeding in being a cam model. Our team spoke to a selection of our girls to discuss why being a camgirl isn’t as easy as people think.


  • Hiding Your Work From Family and Friends

For those girls who choose to not speak about what they do for a living, it can be quite difficult to hide it. They may see a massive increase in their income which sees them wanting to buy new clothes and handbags. However, friends and family might start to question where all of this is coming from. Another way being a cam modelcan be difficult is trying to hide it from people you’re living with or visitors. For example, if you have to keep hiding your filming equipment and outfits or you’re trying to speak on cam, it can be quite stressful at times. Living with people can often be a hindrance to camming as a lot of guys want you to speak to them.

  • Equipment Costs and Setup

    One thing you don’t think about when becoming a cam model is the investment that needs to be made into quality equipment and learning how to set it up. When it’s a new venture, paying out money can be a bit costly as ideally you want a decent laptop and an HD camera. You also need a good Internet upload speed so that comes at an additional expense if you need to upgrade. This can feel quite scary very early on but it is definitely worth it in the end. After all, camgirls with higher quality production shows often earn more money than girls who don’t.


  • Keeping Your Life Private With Viewers

When it comes to clients, they will often ask about your location in an effort to get to know you. If you’re trying to protect your identity, it can be hard to lie about your location when guys ask about where you live and talk about how close they are to you. This can often catch you out if you haven’t done your research! However, if you make sure you are prepared for questions like “Oh cool I live there too! Have you been to that new restaurant yet? When did you move there?” Then you can help to maintain the idea that you live where your location specifies.

  • Motivating Yourself

    As the person responsible for your brand, one area that can be difficult as a cam girl is being yourself when you’re not feeling good. Bybeing a cam modelyou are able to control your own days and hours. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to take time off for sickness and holidays. On the flip side when you’re having a bad day, it can be difficult to have that sociable happy persona you usually have on cam.


If you’re looking at being a cam modeland want to find out more information, don’t be afraid to get in touch with our team! Off The Record Models is proud to be founded by experienced camgirls who know what they’re talking about. Therefore, we can answer any of your questions before you start. Or if you’re ready to sign up, apply here now. Or follow our Instagram to be a part of our growing community of women.

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