Being A Cam Model Paid For My Wedding

Being A Cam Model Paid For My Wedding

As a webcam model management agency, the team here at Off The Record Models have seen many girls start camming. There are many reasons to being a cam model – all with their own unique reasons. From paying off university debts to having the flexibility to look after a child, webcam modelling is an incredibly rewarding job that allows you to take full control. After all, you choose where, how and when you work so camming really works around you and your schedule.


Not only is being a cam modelincredibly adaptable but the income can exceed any typical 9-to-5 job. Our models earn between £500 to £1,500 a week, depending on how often they stream. In fact, you could earn so much by being a cam modelthat you could pay off your wedding! This is exactly what one of our cam models, Emma, did and she shared her story with us below:


Getting Engaged

“Matt and I had been together for over seven years. During that time, he asked me to marry him a few times randomly and I would usually just laugh it off. However, in 2019, I said yes and we started to discuss the kind of wedding we want. After our chats, I knew it wouldn’t come cheap.

We were lucky enough to keep our full-time jobs during lockdown so we could start saving. Despite this, we knew that if we wanted to have the wedding of our dreams, we would need to make more money as quickly as possible. I had previously known adult performers during my work as a makeup artist so it got me thinking! These girls were always driving a brand new Mercedes and going on lots of holidays so I knew it was good money.”

Joining Off The Record Models

“I had never considered getting my kit off on camera before, but I’m very confident so I decided to try it. I did a lot of research before jumping in and found Off The Record, a cam girl agencythat supports camgirls getting started and promotes female empowerment. After a few conversations with the team, I just filled out their application form online and then I was ready to go.They helped me to sign up on the webcam site and set up my profile. It wasn’t long before I was sitting on my bed, waiting for the first customer to come online.”


The First Night of Being A Cam Model

“I thought being a webcam modelwould be scarier than it actually was. On my first night, I was wearing black lace body and silk dressing gown, sweating buckets. My first client was due to log on any moment and I expected him to ask me to do something dirty straight awaybut I had no reason to worry! I couldn’t see the man so I had no idea what he looked like or how old he was, but he was a gentleman. He wanted the so-called ‘girlfriend experience’, so we just chatted for around half an hour.

I quickly learned that many of the customers just want to talk, flirt and sometimes have a little play. This could be anything from playing with toys or carrying out any requests. I have one guy that just wants me to put sexy dresses on for him. People are so much friendlier than I expected. You soon realise they’re just normal people that you would meet in everyday life, rather than the sleazy guys everyone expects. I was expecting it to all be about sex and taking my clothes off, but it’s really not!

Camming has been so successful that it is now my only job as it’s allowed us to save for the wedding and live off the money too! I make around £400 to £600 per week but I’m aiming to be getting £1,000 per week by next month. I love the freedom being a cam modelgives me and Matt loves it, too. He often comments on how much confidence it has given me, which I really feel in myself too. I’m also looking forward to booking the wedding next year and not having to stress about the cost.”

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