Being a Cam Model: Staying Safe Online

how to become a cam girl

One of the most important factors in the camming industry is to keep your identity and personal information safe and secure. Although online professionals don’t meet clients personally, they should still take the appropriate measures to ensure personal privacy and safety. If you’re thinking of being a cam model,following a few simple steps can help you. At Off The Record Models, we wanted to share our top suggestions so that you feel prepared and protected online.


Keep Personal Information Private


Never share your real name, your address, bank information or your personal phone number with anyone. No matter how well you think you know your regular customers, even if you’ve been speaking for a long time, never feel implied to give them any personal details. Remember, being a cam model meansyou call the shots. Have a fake name at the ready just in case you’re taken by surprise. Your real name is personal, so we would advise not to reveal it.

It’s also a good idea to have a separate phone, specifically for work. That way, if you do want to share a phone number with a client, your privacy is protected. Be mindful of details like your location, other jobs and real date of birth too, altering the truth slightly ensures your personal and online security.


Local Affairs


A large part of being a cam model is about being personable and getting to know your fans, just be careful about what you’re revealing. We suggest avoiding topics that could allow any personal information to be traced back to you. This could include local events, or any recent news about your hometown. By all means be friendly, but ambiguous.

Similarly, pay attention to what your clients can see on camera. A quick view out the window could reveal your approximate location. And, if you’re using a wireless keyboard, never log into any accounts whilst potentially visible to your guests. The last thing anyone wants is for their accounts to be hacked by an observant visitor.


Separate and Secure Social Media


If you’re serious about being a cam model, promoting yourself on social media is a great idea. However, we would strongly suggest that you set up new social accounts for your business, keeping your personal channels completely separate.

Do not post any content from your personal social media on your work accounts. If a photo has ever been or is currently connected with your real-life account, it’s best not to share it with your fans. A quick Googleimage search can lead them right to your real-life channels.

Make your personal profiles private, especially if not everybody knows about your career. By securing your accounts, it eliminates the unwanted threat of someone revealing your professional account and gaining access to any of your pictures.


By following the right protocols, staying safe online is simple. If you’re interested in being a cam model contact us at Off The Record Models. With years of experience in the industry, we can support and guide you on the right path to your new career!

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