Being a Cam Model: What If Someone I Know Finds Me Online?

Being a Cam Model

Being a Cam Model: What If Someone I Know Finds Me Online?

If you’re thinking of being a cam model, you may have found yourself asking the question ‘what if someone I know finds me online?’ It’s something that concerns many women looking to branch out into world of webcam. Here at Off The Record Models, we’re experienced webcam models who are well versed in the adult industry. Here are our top tips on how to deal with someone you know finding your profile and the precautions to take to help conceal your identity.


Someone I Know Has Found Has Seen Me Online

Don’t panic. It’s okay and you shouldn’t feel bad. Let’s look at this situation from a different angle. Your mutual connection was directly searching for webcam models… so they aren’t completely innocent in all of this! Being a cam model is your job and allows you to be your own boss, work flexibly in a diverse and creative industry, plus you earn a sizable income from the comfort of your own home! Not many people would want to be called out for watching live camming, so we say the ball is in your court. Remember, it’s your life and if camming makes you happy, go for it! We suggest telling the important people in your life that you feel would support you.


Privacy That Should Be in Place

Private Socials

Webcam models should invest in social media to promote their material. It’s a great way to promote what you offer and gain a regular following. However, it’s important to be mindful. Although social media is a fantastic way to gain visibility within the adult industry, anyone can view it. We recommend switching your accounts to private. This way, you can monitor exactly who follows you and this limits the chances of being seen by someone you know.

Never post the same images across your usual profile and work account, just in case people make the connection between images – reverse search can be accessed by everyone and an image can be traced back to you in seconds.


Personal Information

It goes without saying, but you shouldn’t exchange real life, personal information with any of your clients. Things like your name, address, bank information or personal phone number should be kept strictly private. Being a cam model involves a lot of conversation to enable connection. However, even if you’ve been speaking to your regulars for a long time, you should never feel obliged to give over any personal details. Clients may sometimes ask questions to get to know you, but you can tell them exactly what you want. Have an alias at the ready and pre-empted answers for personal questions that you can give at the drop of a hat.


Change Your Location

Change your location settings to somewhere else in the UK to avoid direct location searches. Avoid showing your clients around your room and be cautious about what they can see on camera. A quick view of an outside window could reveal your actual location. Be ambiguous when talking about where you’re from.


Should I Hide My Face?

Being a cam model is about authenticity. Having a passion for what you do and creating a connection with your clients is paramount within this industry. Although the temptation to hide your face may be there, we would advise against it. A headless shot, or faceless position on camera is an automatic turn off for many clients.

Believe it or not, camming is mostly about connection. If your face and especially your eyes aren’t visible, the emotional interaction just won’t be there. One of the main reasons a viewer decides to speak to a webcam model, is to connect with a real person. Faceless profiles never really work out and simply don’t get the views in comparison to profiles that do show their face.


Don a Disguise

If you’re worried about your identity being exposed, a disguise is an easy way to deter people from knowing you are a webcam model. Hair and make-up can make all the difference. Accessories like wigs, glasses and coloured contacts also work extremely well. Ensure you style your hair and make-up differently to how you would do it day to day. Experiment with different colour palettes; contour your eyebrows, cheekbones, forehead and chin to create a slightly different face shape. Wigs that are different lengths and colours to your normal hair are an easy way to look unrecognisable.


Get in Touch

 If you’re thinking of being a cam model, we would love to hear from you! We’re a close-knit community of established webcam models, who genuinely care and support each other within the industry. We are female founded and strive to empower through our agency. Any questions? Get in touch here, or take a look at our Instagram, @offtherecord_models for a little more information.

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