Being A Webcam Model During A Pandemic: Why Now Is The Right Time to Join?

Being A Webcam Model During A Pandemic: Why Now Is The Right Time to Join?

It’s been mentioned by most news outlets that webcam modelsare the true winnersof the current COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s not hard to see why they say that! Many webcam model siteshave recorded massive increases of traffic from users during lockdown and sign-ups, as a result of people reassessing their careers during what’s expected to be a turbulent time for the economy. Not only are people flocking to the sites due to boredom but a number of people are joining the industry to make money. After all, camming gives people the control and freedom to make money in their own homes.

What our girls say about joining a webcam agency?

As a webcam model management agency, we wanted to share the impact the pandemic has had on our webcam models. Here is what they had to say and why now is a great time to become a cam model:

“I made more money even though I was doing less hours”

One of our long-standing cam models, Sofia Sanctuary, was initially worried about the outbreak of COVID-19. “I had a few regular guys email me to say they wouldn’t be able to chat with me for the foreseeable due to being furloughed and having the family at home. I was worried that the industry would take a hit. But it turned out far from that.” Despite her worries, the camming world benefited massively from the outbreak. With many people being at home bored and frustrated. Sofia mentioned: “I’ve actually done less hours on average over lockdown, due to having my child around and not being able to get out so it has left me feeling exhausted. However, for the first 3 months of lockdown, I made more money even though I was doing less hours overall.”

Another one of our camgirls had a very similar experience to Sofia. She said: “Camming has been interesting during the pandemic. The industry is unpredictable as it is but this has thrown a spanner in the works! I’m very fortunate that I have been able to continue working throughout lockdown. I have worked more than I usually would as I have had nothing else to do!” She goes on to talk about how busy the webcam sites have been, with lots of new people available to chat to. However, she mentioned that: “It’s been up and down since June time. However this is understandable since people are gradually going back to work and the weather is so nice!”

So why is now a perfect time to become a cam model?

Now that the influx of new cam models joining has subsided, you will no longer get lost within the crowd. Instead, you have a great basis to start up your camming persona and make yourself known within the industry. However, if you’re not sure how to do this, Off The Record Models are here to help! We are a trusted webcam model agencyin the United Kingdom, supporting and mentoring new models starting in the industry. Our agency was founded by an experienced webcam modelwho will coach you through setting up your profile and starting your first show. We also provide training videos to help you increase your earnings and establish a long-standing brand.

How do I apply?

To find out more information about how to become a cam model, feel free to contact our team or apply here. Or take a look at our instagram to see day in the life of some of our cam girls. 

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