Being A Webcam Model: How to Show Off Your Feet to Increase Your Earnings

Being A Webcam Model

You’ve probably heard that fetishes are a big thing in the adult industry. They play a large part in the day to day of being a webcam model. One of the most popular kinks is the foot fetish. If you’re dedicated, you can earn thousands by simply showing off your feet in different ways. At Off The Record Models, we’re experienced cam girls ourselves; we wanted to give you the tips and trick of the trade, so that you can reap the benefits! Here is our top tip when it comes to showing off your feet for some serious bank…


Pamper and Prep

Well-groomed cam girl feet are key when it comes to making a lot of money within this fetish bracket. Although there is a small niche for dirty feet, the majority of users looking to indulge their foot kink want pampered content. Our models advise to wash, exfoliate and moisturise your feet; you should also trim and paint you toenails to maximise the classic ‘feminine’ appeal. If your feet look pretty, neat and pedicured, you will automatically attract more followers within this fetish market. Often, clients request that your legs be on show too. So if you’re pampering your feet, ensure your legs are smooth and moisturised. This way, you’re primed and ready for live content, or a few extra photos.


Simplicity Is Key When Being a Webcam Model

Although being a webcam model involves playing a role of sorts, with foot fetish content, it doesn’t have to be as X-rated as you might think! A lot of clients are after content showcasing cam girl feet in a ‘normal’ capacity. Standard bare feet poses, with socks, tights or even heels are a very common request. Sometimes, you may find people want live content of you giving yourself a pedicure, washing your feet or a foot massage in oil. You can make a lot of money from filming a pamper session, so if you have regulars you feel would like this kind of content, save your weekly foot prep for a live show!


Being an Inventive Webcam Model

If you find yourself faced with clients who want to pay more for niche foot content, feel free to get inventive! Being a webcam model is about passion for what you do, so if something excites or appeals to you, we say go for it! Foot painting, slime stomping and vegetable crushing are great ways of streamlining your shows towards a more niche category of viewers! Once you’re more confident on cam, you can offer a wide variety of foot content to appeal to your following.

Sometimes a weekly live show, for example, won’t be enough for some of your regulars. Naturally, you will always set the bar with when you work, but if you’d like a little extra income, selling a few more bespoke, private images is a great way to earn a lot of money and quickly! You can choose how much you want to charge for the images of your feet and there will also be a tipping option available for customers to pay extra. If you have taken pictures specifically for a client, most of the time, they will tip generously for your kind effort!


Get in Touch

At OTR webcam model agency, we believe that any woman can break into foot modelling for cam! It is the perfect gateway to becoming a webcam girl, especially if you’re worried about privacy. You can even create accounts that are purely for your feet on social media to get yourself noticed, have some fun and watch as the follower’s amount!

If you’re thinking of being a webcam girl, then we’d love to hear from you! Join our female founded, supportive community here today. For a little more information about what we can offer you, check out our Instagram, @offtherecord_models.

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