Being A Webcam Model Improved My Mental Health

Being a webcam model

We often hear about the amazing financial benefits of being a webcam model but what else draws people to start camming? For a lot of our webcam models, it’s about boosting their self-esteem and in turn, their mental health. After all, we, as women, are taught that loving our bodies and being in-tune with our sexuality is somehow wrong – leading to a lack of self-confidence. However, when introduced to the world of camming, where nothing is off limits and kinks are there to be explored, it’s a revolution for most women! Being part of a supportive community who embraces you can really do wonders for your confidence.


In today’s blog, we wanted to share the story of one of our camgirls who found that being a webcam modelseriously improved her mental health and led to her being more confident in the bedroom:

How did being a webcam model help one girls mental health?

“Before starting camming, I had been out of work for some months. I have anorexia which means, for me, I find it hard to keep up a long-term job. Unfortunately, I can’t stay on my feet all day or do long hours. Plus, there would be times where I would end up in hospital and be ‘let go’ by my employer. Therefore, I looked into camming as a way I can make money while managing my mental health.


When I first logged into AdultWork, it was very daunting! After all, there are thousands of beautiful women who are looking to do the same thing as you. It can feel like you’re not unique enough at first, but you just have to find a niche you enjoy. As a massive geek, I decided to specialise in role plays and cosplays. I have a background in performing arts so I love being able to play a character different from myself. It makes me feel so confident! And because of the dislike I have for my body, I personally don’t get naked on camera. I’m more of a tease and a fantasy girlfriend! A lot of my chats actually involve discussing the latest Marvel comics and arguing about who my favourite superheroes are to my regulars.

What did it do for their future and relationship?

I can’t put into words what camming has done for me, my mental health and particularly, my sex life. I am a lot more confident in bed and more adventurous too! My partner and I have tried many things including toys, new positions and all kinds of roleplay. Being a webcam modelhas also helped me become more accepting of my body. Before, I had never thought of myself as a pretty woman; I was worried that I would sign up and no one would want to talk to me. However, my fears soon went away! Being complimented all day by strangers online has given my crippling ego a huge boost! It’s one thing hearing your partner tell you that you’re pretty, but hearing it from others really strikes a different chord. I’m not naive; I know they’re probably just saying it so I show them something for free but it still makes you feel great! Now I see how sexy my curves are. My boyfriend now can grab me and I love it, how my body moves, how sensual skin can be. My anorexia is by no means cured in any way; it’s still there but I’m working on it!


How to become a webcam model?

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