British Cam Girls: Enhancing Sexual Energy on Cam

British cam girls

Ever had a day when you’re just not feeling yourself? Us too! Just because you’re a webcam model, it doesn’t mean you have to ooze sex appeal every day of the week. From lack of sleep, to a busy week at work, our mood and general energy can be affected by many different things in day-to-day life. However, learning how to muster and harness your sexual energy before going on cam is a great way to give you a boost of confidence and in turn, set you apart from you competitors. Here at Off The Record Models, we asked our British cam girls how they easily enhance their sexual energy before a show.


Confidence is Key

One of the keys to great sexual energy on cam is confidence. It’s important that you feel good about yourself in order to turn each opportunity to your advantage. Be sure that you’re planning ahead where you can to maximise every performance. Always leave time to fix yourself up in a way that helps you feel comfortable to do your best work. A gorgeous outfit and a little hair and make-up can easily make you feel a million dollars. Set yourself up in a comfortable, ambient space, position your camera at a flattering angle and be sure to utilise a ring light for flawless lighting in all circumstances!

You should also take a look at your internal dialogue with yourself. Is it nice? If it’s negative, this can be detrimental to your energy as a whole. Before going on cam, our British cam girls recommend manifestation. It’s a great way to help you feel empowered, encourage confidence and attain your aspirations. Take a look at @offtherecord_models for our favourite mantras.


Law of Attraction

Our British cam girls are big believers in the law of attraction; you can put yourself on a path of achieving exactly what you wish for, if embraced correctly. Everything you do, think or say creates an energetic shift and affects your results in life – this includes work. Open your mind and try to be as positive as possible to attract an abundance of success your way. Pair this with manifestation and you’re on your way to a more confident, positive and energised you. Don’t be closed minded about the practice itself: there needs to be genuine trust in the process. If you’re not open to it, the energy will not manifest in the ways that you desire.


Do What You Enjoy

OTR Models’ British cam girls always recommend doing exactly what you enjoy on cam. This way, your sexual energy will have a natural presence because you are consistently authentic. Pleasure creates positive, mind-altering substances like serotonin and dopamine, which influence our state of consciousness. Not only will you genuinely enjoy your work, you will create a healthy return on in investment. Regulars are there for real human connection, so being natural and using your sexual energy to create fun interactions will ensure you reap the benefits.


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