Cam Girl Agency Discuss Sexual Health and Camming

Image of a girl working for a cam girl agency on world sexual health day.

Did you know that World Sexual Health Day is on 4th September? In light of this, at Off The Record Models cam girl agency, we thought we’d discuss sexual health in the camming industry. Camming is definitely a great way for people to connect and explore their sexuality, but is sexual health something to be concerned about when you’re on camera and not meeting up in person?


What is Cam Sex?

The short answer to this is that it can be classed as many different things. Cam sex, or cybersex is not just one thing. It can be various sexual acts performed virtually, over camera, between a number of people, or just a couple of participants. The acts can be live or recorded, with the sole intention of building sexual excitement between the viewer and the host. Any device with a camera can be used to film the content, making cam sex a portable pleasure.


Can I Get an STI from Camming?

No, you cannot. All interactions are taking place over a computer. Because you’re not physically having sex with another person, it is impossible to get an STD from camming. However, you should be mindful of practicing proper hygiene with any sex toys that are used in session. Be sure to wash them before and after each use. Then dry them and store them appropriately to minimise the risk of infection.


Personal Hygiene When Camming

As a reputable cam girl agency, we can say that it pays to take pride in your appearance. If you’re looking for a loyal following and a steady income, presentation plays a key part in this. When you are looking your best, you will feel more confident during your shows and this will come across during your broadcasts.


If you’re planning on using sex toys during your shows, be sure to have cleansed yourself, as well as your sex toy before use. This will minimise any risk of contamination, and leave you feeling fresh and hygienic. Now you can relax and give your best performance throughout your shows.


Negotiating Cam Sex

As an aside, be mindful that although you’re not physically meeting up with your clients, camming is still classed as a form of cybersex. Our cam girl agency recommends having a clear idea of what your boundaries are; what you’re willing to do and importantly, what you are not. This ensures your safety – and remember you can always talk to us should anything leave you feeling uncomfortable. The more you communicate your expectations, the safer and more enjoyable your camming experiences will be.


Additionally, planning ahead, will ensure you know exactly where you stand and what your calendar is looking like. This will help to ensure that you are adhering to a work-life balance that is appropriate for you.


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