Remember Remember, It’s Cam Girl November 

A cam girl filming in November.

If you’re a cam girl, remember that November is your month! Firework season gives the perfect excuse for firecracker content, which means higher earnings! With the nights now chillier and darker, it’s prime time to up your game and cash in on the increase in website traffic that floods the internet around this time of year. In this week’s edition, we suggest our top tips to help you sparkle and shine online this month!

Go Off with A Bang

Rocket your way towards all the financial gains by planning and prepping now. If you haven’t already planned your content or scheduled in some one-on-one time with your regulars, there’s still time! We recommend every cam girl to get ahead when it comes to your time online. This way, you can ensure that your content is delivered and if you’re live, you’ll feel more relaxed and confident beforehand. You certainly don’t want to feel flustered or anxious, especially before going live. You want to be in the best mindset possible and scheduling ahead of time can lend itself to a peaceful state of mind!  

Give yourself plenty of time to think of original ideas and jump on trends that are popular. Look at social media for inspiration and of course, our team are also on hand to help ignite your creative spark!

Be A Slow Burner

Teasing your audience always goes down a treat. Don’t give away the goods as soon as you switch on the camera. Alongside a good connection with clients, anticipation and build up is important for every cam girl too! Really make the most of the lead up to a show. Audiences like an authentic experience, that involves connection and sincerity.

Mind map and strategize some mini campaigns for yourself. Think of carefully worded, seasonal captions to entice viewers; try an interactive countdown to the ‘explosive reveal’.

Crackling Content

Seasonal content is always a great way to ensure you’re on trend, relevant and aligned. Not only is ‘holiday’ content a niche category that could help you target new audiences, it’ll give your regular following something new and enticing to view!

Now, we’re not saying you should go as far as streaming from your local firework show, but every cam girl can benefit from the overall theme! Content that includes giveaways, relevant hashtags, pictures and reels that loosely tie into the autumn and winter festivities always work really well. Remember, your goal is to stand out from the crowd and create exciting content to help build your brand. You can spruce up your content with simple ideas, such as colourful lingerie, glittery make up, shimmering wigs and wonderful sex toys!

Succeeding as a cam girl is highly competitive, but seasonal content allows you to reach out to new fans with themed postings, whilst pleasing your regular audience.

Rocket Rapport

Being a cam model is all about forming a trusted connection with your clients. Showing that sparkle online differentiates you from anyone else in a saturated market. Having authenticity and being passionate about your career will always go a long way, and this helps you to build a good relationship with your fanbase.

Taking the time to get to know your regular clientele will allow you to build a fantastic rapport with them. A good client-cam girl relationship will always work in your favour because you have a direct and accurate insight into the content that they may want more of. This will result in high client retention and a bigger financial return.

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