Cam Girl Wage: How Can I Earn £500 A Day from Camming?

cam girl wage

The answer is simple, to earn a minimum cam girl wage of £500 a day, you have to be dedicated, accountable and have a genuine passion for your camming career. If you want to earn maximum money on webcam, you’ll have to be prepared to spend a lot of time online, especially if you’re just starting out in your camming career. Here at OTR, we are experienced webcam models ourselves, so know the tips and tricks to sizeably increase your income.


Work, Work, Work

Being a cam model can really give you the ultimate work-life balance. However, as you begin your career, it’s important not to be under the illusion that this is not an ‘easy’ job. In fact, camming is far from it. Being your own boss is certainly one perk of the job. However, you must hold yourself accountable for your day to day. Stick to a routine and be prepared to cam for a few hours a day to see traction with your increased income. You have to be ready to give every session your all.  The better your performance and what you’re catering for, the more you’ll get tipped and your cam girl wage will increase.

Timing is Everything

Be deliberate and decisive about the times you cam. If you’re working every day on your chosen platform for long periods of time, you will automatically rank higher that those that don’t log on as frequently. You can easily earn £500+ a day, you just have to ensure you’re attracting the right clients. Remember, the end goal should always be to gain a regular following. These are the clients that will continue to come back and tip you more for specific live shows and content.

If you’re not sure of when you should be camming, take a look at when other webcam models make the most money. Join forums and social threads to see what’s being said. If you have international clients, time zones may mean it would benefit you to cam throughout the day. However, traffic times tend to be busier later in the day, especially if you’re targeting a UK base. Whichever time you choose to cam, be sure to tell your following when you’re heading online to increase viewing traffic and in turn, your potential earnings.

Promote Your Content

From a website with regular blogs, to posting on socials, if you’re serious about earning a high cam girl wage and making this your full source of income, promote your content. Be mindful of what different platforms accept. Tik Tok is a great way of getting your name out there, as well as Twitter and Instagram. On OnlyFans, you can promote your account and create subscriber only content for a little extra income!


Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s no secret that the adult industry is over-saturated. So, it’s important to stand out in every way you can. Take pride in your appearance, your profile and what you’re offering! Presenting yourself in a desirable way will fare you well, particularly if you don’t have a regular client base yet. You should ensure that your profile entices people to want to see more of you. Display your best pictures, show a little of your personality, describe the niches you offer and tell your story within your bio! It’s all about authenticity and sincerity.

It’s also important to have excellent equipment. High quality is everything. Your clients need to be able to see and hear you to gain that genuine sense of connection. If your video isn’t clear, or your sound is off, clients are less likely to return. So, invest in great quality equipment from the get-go. It is a brilliant acquisition for your career, and a step towards a significant increase in earnings.


Get in Touch

Keep in mind that every day is different on cam. It’s true, some days may be harder money makers than others, but all it takes is one satisfied client to hit your daily target. Stay dedicated and diligent.

If you’re looking to increase your cam girl wage, then we’d love to hear from you! Our female founded, supportive community can help you achieve your full potential, grow your following and elevate your income! If you’re thinking of being a cam model, contact us here, or head over to our Instagram, @offtherecord_models, for a little more information.

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