Cam Girl Wage: How to Earn More Money Over Christmas

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Are you looking to increase your cam girl wage? With just a few days until Christmas, now is the time to bank as much money before Santa comes! Whether you want to make a little extra to get those last-minute Christmas gifts or saving ahead of the January sales, by giving your channel a little extra push today, you could double your usual income! Grab a mulled wine and get comfy – here are our top tips for increasing your income just before Christmas.

Connection This Christmas

If you’re serious about increasing your cam girl wage, it’s all about making those all-important connections and genuine conversation. By doing so, you’ll automatically increase your chances of earning more this week, and in the long term. Many people using cam feel lonely and simply want someone to share the run up to Christmas with. Cam girls who take an interest in their clients and convey a sincere passion for what they do will always stand out from the crowd. In turn, you’ll earn more money.


Consistency is key, especially over busy periods like Christmas. Be sure to let your fans know when you’re going online over the festive season and the shows you’re planning. A sneak peek before Christmas always entices potential clients and helps them to feel as if they are part of an exclusive group.

Scheduling in your regulars will also help to increase your income significantly. At this time of year, your clientele are more likely to tip, so being organised really can pay off! Having a routine is also important so you can enjoy Christmas and have time off, whilst still maxing your earning potential.

Additionally, with the nights staying longer and colder, more people are inclined to view cam sites in the evenings (this will naturally decline over 24th-26th December). This week is the perfect opportunity to gain some regular followers and in turn, increase what you take home and carry this on into the new year.

Festive Content

Seasonally themed content across your platforms will ensure you’re on your clients’ nice list! Christmas cams won’t go unnoticed and your efforts will result in an increase in your cam girl wage, more tips and even gifts. You’ll also gain some new followers because you’ll be tapping into that all important niche market. Simple ideas like dressing up in festive lingerie and a snowy background will fare you extremely well.

Alongside your target hashtags on social media, be sure to caption your pictures with a festive message. Be creative with your headings to engage with your audience and get them in the festive spirit.

Additionally, asking your audience exactly what they’d like to see from you is a great example of how to make money as a webcam model. You will always earn more if you’re producing popular content. Posing a few kinky questions to your followers is a guaranteed way of upping your income.

If you want to boost your visibility, a quick last minute Christmas themed competition will work well to increase your views. You could offer a giveaway, or perhaps an exclusive peak of some ‘presents’ before Christmas! Remember to update your auto messages to gain the attention of a potential client, for example ‘Fancy a sneak peek before Christmas?’.

Lights, Camera, Sleigh Bells

High-quality equipment is an essential to a better cam girl wage. This may be something you look into more in the New Year but investing in a good quality camera and microphone to start with can enhance viewing quality and the overall experience for your audience. Remember the better quality your shows, the more reputable you will become, encouraging your viewers to return to your professional channel, in or out of the festive season.

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