Cam Girls Answer: Is It Safe to Cam?

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As a webcam model agency, we get asked a lot of questions by aspiring cam girls. ‘Is it safe to cam’ is a definitely one of our most FAQ’s. We wanted to put your mind at ease and say yes it is, with the right precautions taken of course. As with any online activity, there are certain risks. So long as you have the right processes in place, you’ll be equipped to deal with any situation that comes your way. Plus, OTR are always here to help and advise, because we’re cam girls ourselves!


Don’t Reveal Too Much

The simplest step for cam girls to follow is not to reveal too much about yourself when you’re online. Most of the time, your clientele want to connect and have fun together. However, there are some people who can get a little too close for comfort.

It’s unlikely, but sometimes, people keep track of what you say. This could be to gain an insight into your real life, an attempt to get to know you better, or in rare cases, to expose your true identity. Just be careful with what you say on cam. Although an important part of your job is getting to know your clients, you should never feel pressured to reveal private information about yourself. Just be mindful about discussing personal details. The best advice here is to never share your real name, your address, bank information or your personal phone number with anyone.


Say No

It’s as simple as that. Our expert cam girls will tell you, if you’re ever made to feel uncomfortable or do something you don’t want to do, you always have the right to say no. Camming is your career and it’s important that you are passionate and enthusiastic about what you do.

Set the rules. On your profile, outline what you offer and what you’re willing to participate in; this way, clients are on the same page as you from the get-go. This will help to eliminate those who don’t have your best interests at heart. Remember, if a client is persistent or inappropriate, you can block them. Your well-being should always be the most important aspect of webcam work. If that’s threatened, don’t be afraid to block!


Separate Socials

If you’re serious about being a cam model, promoting yourself on social media is a great idea. However, we would strongly suggest that you set up new social accounts for your business, keeping your personal channels completely separate.

Do not post any content from your personal social media on your work accounts. If a photo has ever been or is currently connected with your real-life account, it’s best not to share it with your fans. A quick Google image search can lead them right to your real-life channels.

Make your personal profiles private, especially if not everybody knows about your career. By securing your accounts, it eliminates the unwanted threat of someone revealing your professional account and gaining access to any of your pictures.

It’s also a good idea to have a separate phone, specifically for work. That way, if you do want to share a phone number with a client, your privacy is protected. Be mindful of details like your location, other jobs and real date of birth too, altering the truth slightly ensures your personal and online security.


Get in Touch 

By following these protocols, security and safety online is nothing to worry about. You can always drop our cam girls a message if you have a question and our agency can support you on your camming journey. If you’re interested in being a cam model contact us at Off The Record Models.

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