Cam Girls: Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

Cam Girls Celebrate St Patrick’s Day

With St Patrick’s day fast approaching, we recommend cam girls getting into the Irish spirit to increase their earnings! There are plenty of ways that you can earn extra around this time of the month. Here at Off The Record Models, our webcam model agency know all the tricks of the trade to help you feel as lucky as a four leaf clover…


Shamrock Season

Why not theme your shows around St Patrick’s day this week? Show your fun side and get stuck into the festivities! Importantly, SEO wise, labelling your content and tags with anything St. Patrick’s related will help you to become more visible to a wider demographic. This in turn will help you capture potential clientele. Embrace ‘shamrock season’ by dressing in green, find a cute outfit and glittery emerald eyeshadow. You could play games with your viewers, why not try a quiz? Those who get questions wrong will have to forfeit!

Content for The Craic

If you are theming your content around St. Paddy’s day, our cam girls would suggest running a competition to entice new followers! You can do this across your professional social media accounts, as well as on your cam profile. Perhaps the lucky winner could get some exclusive pictures, or a one to one with you online on the 17th? Competitions are a steadfast way to gain new clientele and increase your income this month.

Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and create content that you absolutely love. If you’re passionate about what you do, it’ll show. This is what can help to differentiate you from your competition. Remember to keep your professional content separate from your personal social media platforms.


The Pot of Gold…

Unfortunately, you can’t just rely on the luck of the Irish to earn the big bucks. It takes hard work, diligence and you must be a keen self-starter. It’s important that you build up a fanbase for brand longevity. These are the clients that you can rely on for frequent sessions and in turn, regular income. Although there will be times when you can earn a lot of money in one sitting from random viewers, loyal customers will enable financial independence. Be personable, listen and get to know your clients. Many clients want connection – becoming a listening ear who takes an interest in her clients will ensure that you are tipped generously. Most of all, be creative, enjoy yourself and all the world of cam has to offer!

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