Cam Girls: Our Success Stories

We all know of Chloe Khan; the past X Factor contestant who became a millionaire after starting her own webcam model agency. In fact, she is many women’s biggest inspiration for signing up to become a cam model! And there are plenty of other live cam models who go on to have successful careers that you may not have heard of.

As a webcam model agency, Off The Record, have a history of women who have gone on to become successful cam models. We would like to share the stories of our most successful models below.

Lola Rose

After leaving a stressful job and facing unpaid rent bills, Lola Rose signed up to become a webcam model with Off The Record following a recommendation from a friend. After a few years in the industry, she is now earning £150,000 a year! Typically, she makes her money by talking to men online about their sexual fantasies, stripping or using sex toys on camera to earn tips. Since joining Off The Record, Lola-Rose claims working as a cam girl has given her body confidence and her self-esteem has rocketed.


For years, Off The Record camgirl, Jasmine worked in high-pressure recruitment role where she suffered from anxiety and was extremely unhappy. However, since quitting her job to become a cam model, Jasmine feels much happier and healthier as she has lots of time to go to the gym and prepare healthy meals as well as working from the comfort of her own home whenever she wants. As a result, Jasmine has increased her earnings massively, earning anywhere from £1,500 – £2,000 a month.


Once a personal trainer, Amber began her camming career to earn some money for travelling. However, she enjoyed speaking to men on camera so much that she left her job and started camming full time. Amber is now earning more than £120k a year as a cam girl and sees benefits to both her freedom and self-esteem. She believes her new career is empowering women to take control of their lives.

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Despite the myths, internet modelling is one of the only types of sex work that allows women to become financially independent without physical contact. This allows women to make money in a safe and secure environment, with the ability to block or ban any users that make them feel uncomfortable.

At Off The Record, webcam model management, we believe women should be free to express their sexuality and be financially independent. That’s why we provide one to one mentoring to fully support all of our cam models. For more information about our growing family of models, get in touch and start achieving your dreams today.

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