Cam Models Discuss: What Surprised Us Most About Cam

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The wonderful world of cam offers something different for cam models from day to day! Being a cam girl certainly comes with preconceptions, but the truth is, you can’t predict this industry because it’s so diverse and creative! This week, we asked our brand ambassadors what surprised them most about cam versus what they had heard or imagined. Let’s take a closer look.

The Friendships

One thing that many new cam models may not know about the cam industry is that it’s more of a community than they may initially think! Some girls come into the world of cam thinking they won’t make even one friend, let alone friends for life.

At OTR, we are a close-knit team, who support each other through thick and thin. We love nothing more than building our amazing girls up, so that they can achieve success in whatever way this looks like for them! We organise regular meet ups, team days out and of course, are always available on our group chat.

The ‘Non-Sexy’ Side

It’s no secret that there is a certain sex appeal around cam. However, for all the people looking for raunch, there are plenty looking for ‘regular’. Many use cam to find a connection with others. You’d be surprised at just how many people want to chat, have a bit of light-hearted banter, find out about your day and even tell you all about theirs! Contrary to what you may believe, cam is far from just a sexual outlet.

The Kinks

If you can think of it, there will be a kink for it! Cam models often think that the kinks they’ll have to hone into are dominating or submissive, for example. There is such a wide variety of kinks online and some of the most popular are things like dirty talk, ginger hair, pedicures and even eating on cam! Specialising in a niche can certainly boost your income, so if you’re thinking of branching out into kink content, don’t be put off! You can make anything work, just be sure to do your research.

The Freedom

Cam can be completely flexible. There is no other career that offers the freedom that cam does, especially when you compare it with salary! You truly are your own boss. You can do what you want, when you want, from where you want, all in your own time! Whether you want to make cam your full-time career or your side hustle, you have the freedom to work when suits you.

The Money

Finally, we know that many cam models join the industry because of the money. The hours you put into camming are up to you, which means your earning potential is limitless! Your salary can be whatever you wish – it really is that good! Whether you’re looking for some extra money to pay for the food shop, fund your travel dreams, or invest in a property, cam allows you control of your money, your time and your future!

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