Cam Models: Enhance Your Own Sex Life with These Simple Tips

Cam Models: Enhance Your Own Sex Life with These Simple Tips

Cam models working in the adult industry may experience a lack in libido from time to time. Rest assured: this is totally normal! Libido, or sex drive, can be affected by many things – your work-life balance, your diet, your stress levels, your menstrual cycle – the list goes on! It’s important not to put pressure on yourself and allow the time you need to build those levels up.

Here at OTR, we’re cam girls ourselves, so know exactly what you may be feeling at the moment. In this week’s blog, we focus on enhancing your sex life with a few simple tips.


Work Vs. Life

Hands up if you’ve heard ‘cam models must be horny all the time’, ‘wow, you must have such a high sex drive to do your job’. Of course, this consensus isn’t true. As a model, it’s your job to create an alluring fantasy for clients online. It can be full on because you’re performing and creating a lot! High energy, thinking of your feet and becoming a social chameleon are skills that you’re exercising day in day, so naturally, you will be tired from time to time!

Do not believe that you have to live up to this expectation that adult industry professionals always have a high libido or need to be ‘kinksters’ all the time. It’s not realistic at all and playing into this consistently could have a detrimental effect on your mental health.

What Feels Good for You?

The term ‘sex’ is broad. Sex doesn’t necessarily have to be with a partner – the meaning of it is different for each individual. We believe it’s important that self-care, self-love and appreciation is the first step to a healthy sex life. Looking after yourself and ensuring you are comfortable often leads to confidence and contentment. This in turn can result in great sex with a partner.

The more in tune you are with your body, the better you’ll be able to perform on cam too! Take the time to explore what feels good for you. Masturbation is a brilliant way to let off some steam and encourage self-care. It’s great for both your mental and physical health and ensures that you are exploring what feels good for you.

Authenticity on cam is key. If you know what genuinely feels good for you, you can try this online. They say never mix work and pleasure, but here you can most definitely take advantage!

Communication Means Better Sex

Cam models must put 100% into time with their scheduled clients. Like with any job, you want to achieve your best to enable success and in turn, increased income. There may sometimes be occasions where partners can feel left out, or perhaps you’ve had a string of late nights and you feel like you’ve neglected your personal sex life. Whatever it may be, it’s important to take things back to basics with your partner.

Let each other know you care. The key to good sex is communication and often, what happens outside of the sheets is what makes time in the bedroom special. Ensure that you make time for a weekly date night. This doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but can make such a difference to your relationship. It means that you can guarantee set time to catch up and discuss important things within your relationship. Life can be busy and stressful, and it’s easy to pass each other by. So, ensuring this time plays a huge part in a healthy relationship and sex life.

Sex Schedule

Yes, we’re serious. Cam models are used to a plan; why not pencil in some you time the same way? Many sexperts say that this is a fundamental part of a healthy relationship and self-care. Why not make things a little more exciting and send your significant other a picture or two throughout the day? Get them to send some back too!

As a woman, build up is everything. Allowing your imagination to run wild throughout the day, with the help of these images, will ensure a build up of sexual energy for later!


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