Cam Models: What to Talk About on Cam?

Cam Models: What to Talk About on Cam?

In our last blog, we spoke about cam models and established how looks actually don’t really mean a thing in the adult industry. It’s all about passion for the role, your personality and what you can bring to the table that will keep your clients coming back week after week.

That being said, it can be quite difficult knowing how to spark a conversation with certain clients, especially when you’re just starting out. The temptation to turn off your microphone may well be there. However, doing so won’t fare you well long term because most users want connection and authenticity that they can see and hear in real time.


Connection Through Conversation

A genuine conversation will go a long way! A lot of users are simply lonely and are looking for a sense of connection and social sincerity. Contrary to what you’ve probably been told, many fans just want to know more about you as a person! An enticing conversation is how you can easily capture their attention, but also trigger the interest of new potential clientele in a group chat. Successful cam models will master the art of listening and responding accordingly. You just have to be yourself. Remember, you should never reveal anything you don’t feel comfortable with, or that could affect your privacy or safety.


Your Hobbies

Talking about your hobbies is a great place to start. Identifying a few points that you may have in common with people will help you to gain confidence quickly! It’s an easy way to start any conversation on a positive and interesting note. It gives you both a chance to speak about something that interests you. This could literally be anything, from your favourite food, and cocktails, to films you like to watch or sport you like to play. Your client will be able to get to know you, and you them, forming a mutual connection. If this is a client that would like to visit you regularly, it could be worth noting down what they’re into after the call. This way, you will always have a reference, which will be especially helpful the first few times you speak to them.


Personal Details

Some of the core values of being a webcam girl are being friendly, personable and open-minded. Many users want to speak to someone who is happy to see them and non-judgemental. Cam models have got to be as good a listener as they are a conversation starter.

Every client is so different. Some don’t want to talk at all, others want to tell you about their life, their achievements, or maybe even ask your advice regarding problems in their personal life. Your clientele seeks to communicate, be consoled, understood and appreciated – but don’t worry, not all in one call!

You may find yourself lending an ear fairly often. If you’re not sure how to approach a topic or resolve an issue, you can always try gradually bringing them into the comfort zone of a more pleasant genre of conversation. If you know the client, speak about something positive that interests them. Although you can empathise and advise, it’s important to remember that you should never feel obliged to help them. You are simply doing your job. You’re not their therapist, so don’t put yourself under any pressure!

Flirty Talk

Flirty or dirty talk is often a welcome topic of conversation. Some clients prefer to switch off from the day-to-day routine and enter a world of escapism. Webcam model work and sex itself is still considered a taboo subject. So, bringing up this line of conversation, or playing out a clients’ fantasy (so long as you’re comfortable), will always be beneficial for your reputation and of course, your bank account.

The fact that you have an open mind and enjoy talking about the things that are so often off limits in everyday routine, will please your viewers. It’ll encourage them to come back to you, especially if they want to talk about a more intimate subject. Just ensure that you are ready to talk about what you like, as well as what they like – clients like authenticity and genuine passion in what you do is a steadfast way to incur a regular following.


Get in Touch

It takes hard work and dedication for cam models to gather a loyal fanbase. You just need to gain experience, develop your confidence online and talk to other models who know the ropes. Here at OTR Models, our webcam model agency is made up of cam girls who have years of experience within the industry!

If you have any questions about being a webcam girl, or need help on your camming journey, we’re here for you! To be part of our supportive community, you can apply here. For a little more information about who we are, follow our Instagram @offtherecord_models.


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