Camming is Connecting!

Camming is Connecting!


Despite the distance and electronic separation entailed in camming, there really is something incredibly intimate in talking to another human being, the sharing of thoughts and fantasies, and the getting to know someone over time, who you really do develop a bond with.


The connection that camming provides between myself and another person, despite not in the same physical, real world room together, is one of the reasons that I love camming and working for OTR, so much. I feel especially privileged to have met such interesting, fun, and yes, sexy individuals who also love chatting with me time and time again.


I know that as well as the connection that I experience with them, I am also fulfilling the wishes, needs, and desires of those that I meet, whether those may be the need for intimacy, the wish to be listened to, to laugh with, to discuss ideas with, to have fun with, or  the desire to enjoy sexual play with, etc.


“The connection is fundamental”


Primarily, though, I believe that what we all seek, want, and need is fundamentally a connection with another person. In whatever form that takes. In fact, all of the desires, needs, and wishes mentioned above simply can’t take place without a connection being established between two people. Connection truly is everything.


The girls at OTR are often told by those that we meet and talk to that we are ‘lovely’, ‘intelligent’, ‘charming’, ‘so easy to talk to’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘sexy’ as some of the myriad of reasons why people choose to cam with us time and time again.


Overwhelmingly, however, we are told that the reason that you love to talk to us is that ‘there is a connection’, because we feel that too, and it is what makes camming with someone so enjoyable.


I believe that camming itself is a particularly unique type of connection, one that affords us intimacy, fun, and often sexual fulfilment in a space that exists both in real life and in fantasy. I am privy to peoples’ inner worlds, their fantasies, their day to day lives (not to mention that I have even been given some cracking recipes and helpful advice along the way too).

All this down to connecting with another person across the internet, through a webcam.


In return, I am able to be much more open, candid, and revelatory with people I have never physically met. I find it so much easier divulging fantasies, desires, and past escapades across a screen and through a webcam. That, you just wouldn’t share so readily with someone sat directly across from you in, say, your local coffee shop. You ironically really are able to connect on a deeper level through camming.


Do you cam with OTR?


So, if you are reading this and you too love camming with us OTR girls. We’d love to know what it is that keeps you coming back to connect with us.

Tell us what is it about us? Or what we do, or what we provide for you that you especially love.

Is it the break from routine, a fun and indulgent treat; fantasy or wish fulfilment?

Or could it be having a conversation, sharing fun and laughter, and sharing fantasies?

Is it entirely something else, or all of the above?

We would love you to reach out and tell us what it is that keeps that connection alive? What makes camming with us at OTR such an enjoyable, pleasurable experience for you?

Comment below or drop us an email at [email protected]


Any details shared by you will of course be anonymous; no usernames or emails divulged whatsoever.


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