Can I Be A Cam Model and Have A Relationship?

Can I Be A Cam Model and Have A Relationship?

As a cam girl agency, a common question we get asked is: can I be a cam model and maintain a relationship? The simple answer is, yes! We have plenty of webcam models who are in happy and healthy relationships while working as a webcam model. In fact, a number of our models have commented on how being a cam model has helped their relationship – particularly to spice things up in the bedroom!

However, this isn’t to say that being a webcam girl and dating doesn’t come without its challenges. Given the nature of being a cam model, a potential partner could be uncomfortable or confused about your webcam model work. If you’re considering becoming a webcam model but you are worried about  how this might affect your relationship, we spoke to some of our most successful webcam models to find out what they had to say:



“Luckily for me, I’ve never had a date turn their nose up at me being a camgirl. They’ve found it interesting and appreciate that there’s good money to be made. I actually told my boyfriend on our first date and his exact words were “I think that’s wicked!” Eight months on from that first date, he’s incredibly supportive of my webcam model work. He loves getting the first look at all my lingerie selfies and nudes. Plus, I’ve definitely taught him a thing or two in terms of fetishes and kinks. We’re both pretty open-minded, but I’ve definitely opened his eyes to a few new tricks and tips I’ve learnt along the way!

The only way it has negatively impacted things is when one or two of his friends got the wrong idea. I don’t mind who knows what I do now and I’m happy to talk about it! However, one of his friends tried to slide into my DMs and asked for free nudes. It was definitely awkward and I told him where to go!

My top tip for dating whilst being a camgirl is be honest with them from the beginning. If you leave it to your fourth or fifth date to tell them, they may not like it and then you’ve just wasted both of your time. You should be up front about it and be proud of what you do! However, if you do tell them, I would avoid telling them which webcam model sites you use or your webcam name until you fully trust them. You don’t know who they might tell or show and, if things don’t work out, they still have access to your profile and therefore your online antics!”



“Before I started on cam I never had much luck with relationships or dating. I was always searching for that excitement you get when you first meet someone and the feelings you grow as you get to know each other better. I think I tried every dating site going! Looking back, I now think I was trying to fill a void. Since starting cam I don’t feel the need to search or try too hard to meet someone. I am a bit of a hopeless romantic that wants to fall in love and live happily ever after but in the meantime, camming has shown me that I am independent, self-sufficient and enjoy my own company too. I think that going forward, when I do meet someone, these qualities will help the relationship a lot. When it comes to dating, I agree with Camilla! I think you need to be upfront about your work. For me, any future partner would have to respect it and be supportive too. I’m not going to settle for less!”

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