Christmas Fetishes to Help You Become A Webcam Girl

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Tis still the season, so if you want to become a webcam girl, we’re treating you to another blog on how you can benefit from the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas fetishes are most definitely a thing within the adult industry, as with any niche, it’s a great way to leverage your profile and stand out from the crowd! Here are our top fetishes to push this festive season.


Kinky Crimbo Content

It’s important to mention that Christmas content has a very short shelf life, but it can really increase your earnings when done right. If you want to become a webcam girl, any holiday content (Easter, Halloween, Christmas) is worth taking advantage of. Putting in the effort over the next week or so and taking a slightly different approach by tailoring your content to suit specific fetishes, will ensure you see a return on investment. A Christmas to New Year countdown where you indulge in a few of these fetishes for your clients will go down better than a mince pie on Christmas Eve!



Yes, it exists – some people just find Santa sexy! Santaphilia most commonly referred to as ‘Santa Fetish’, it can manifest itself in a variety of different ways. It’s not all long white beards and attraction to the man himself. It’s anything to do with the Santa image and persona. A report from PornHub stated that there is always a spike in ‘Santa’ related porn searches around the festive period: ‘While “Christmas” is the most popular seasonal search, “Santa” tops the list of related terms, increasing 447% compared to its average level’. So, we’d recommend jumping on the sleigh!

Santa is an authority figure – requiring us to ‘play nice’ in order to get what we want. This appeals to a multitude of submissive viewers and explains why some find the image so arousing. If you want to become a webcam girl, play into this, along with the red and white faux fur and knee-high black boots. These are a firm favourite with male viewers. Bringing sexy Santa to life would certainly put you on your viewers’ nice list.



Christmas isn’t Christmas without a little sparkle! Chrysophilia comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘khrusós’, meaning ‘gold’, and of course philia, meaning ‘love’. In essence, it’s the love of something sparkly or shiny! Talk about the perfect combination. Dressing up in sparkles for a Christmas date or girlified experience could incorporate your client’s love of gold, glitter and shimmer. Even doing your make up in front of a glitter wall on camera, or showcasing your newest sequinned bralette could tick off their Christmas list and help you to become a webcam girl specialising in this fetish.



Baby it’s cold outside – well your client with psychorophilia will absolutely love that! You guessed it, psychorophilia is being aroused by the cold, or watching people who are cold. This is why temperature play is often so popular in BDSM and sensual sex. In this week’s show, try playing with water and ice. Wet your hair and rub ice where you know would please your client. It’s the perfect Christmas kink and something that you can easily look into specialising in after the festive period is over!


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