Common Myths About Cam Girls

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Webcamming is no longer the sleazy industry many people believe it to be. Elite camgirl sites are turning women into entrepreneurs and adult entertainers, earning hundreds of pounds an hour. But with so many myths around the industry, it can be hard to know what it’s really like to work as a cam girl.

Off The Record, webcam model management, work to dispel the myths surrounding cam girls and their work. Here are four myths debunked by OTR as we discuss why camming really is worth considering.


“You need to look like a real model to be successful”

The biggest myth about UK cam girls is that every girl must look like a glamour model in order to be successful. Webcam model sites love women of all shapes and sizes, looks and kinks. Becoming a cam girl can, in fact, boost your self-confidence levels, as you realise people find beauty in all sorts of people.


“Cam girls are only successful if they get naked on camera”

Of course, being naked on camera is what a lot of clients want to see. However, you can still be wildly erotic without getting naked! Lingerie and skimpy outfits can be just as good as being nude and will keep your clients coming back with the hopes of seeing more! Others you will find may just want company and conversation so it really is about doing whatever your comfortable with and finding a niche.


“Cam girls have no privacy”

While many people think cam girls have no privacy, some webcam models can choose to remain anonymous. However, many girls are open and honest about their career, which gives them greater freedom in their social media with their family and fans.

Cam girl models can choose how much they share about their personal lives, including hobbies, personal tastes and activities off camera. This makes them appear more human and closer to their fanbase, without sharing all their personal and intimate information.


You’ll make less money than you would in porn”

This is a huge misconception. According to Forbes, porn revenue is declining, and performer pay rates of porn stars are at an all-time low. Female performers in an all-woman scene are likely to earn a maximum salary of £1,200 if they work for a big adult entertainment studio. In contrast to this, the top 100 adult webcam girls make over $15,000 a month, with the top 500 making $6,000 or more a month. If you want a career in the adult industry that pays big money, why not become a webcam model?

As the UK’s leading site for elite cam models, Off The Record, offer an empowering platform for you to earn money from the security of your home. For more information about our webcam agency, contact us today.


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