Five Outfits That Will Get You Views

Did you know that not every cam girl gets naked on camera? Yes, you heard correctly, online cam girls can still be wildly erotic without having to bare all. Besides, once your audience has seen you completely naked, they may not feel the need to return.

When it comes to being a successful cam girl model, the key is to tease your audience so they will want to see more of you, which means having the right outfit that shows off your assets without revealing too much. Here are three outfits that are sure to up the ante during your live cam chat.


Investing in lingerie is an obvious choice for internet modelling. However, corsets, basque’s, bodysuits and teddies are a great choice of underwear that’s sexy but isn’t too revealing. Having a wide range of underwear is essential as many customers may prefer you to wear specific colours or materials.

Little black dress

The idea that live cam girls have to get naked in order to receive tokens is a myth. In fact, many popular live webcam models choose to wear bodycon dresses and high heels that show off their assets. That way, they can create countdowns to take more clothes off or to simply chat with their audience while still looking visually appealing.

Dress up

Becoming a cam model means being creative with your outfits and that can mean dressing up for your audience. There are a variety of costumes to choose from, including a school girl, cheerleader and maids, that not only make your live streams more entertaining but will encourage more people to watch.


As cheesy as it sounds, the best thing you can wear as a webcam model is a smile. Whether you choose to be a nude cam girl or not, a smile is the best ice breaker on camera. The more you look like you’re enjoying yourself, the most tips will follow.

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