Five Mistakes Cam Girls Make That Jeopardise Their Privacy

As glamorous as an internet modelling career can be, webcam models must remember to be careful. While they don’t meet clients in real life; they should still exercise great caution when it comes to privacy and internet safety.

At Off The Record, webcam model management, we understand the temptation to set up your profile and start making money right away. However, it’s important to check you have set it up right so you can keep your identity and personal information safe and secure.

With this in mind, here are 5 mistakes cam girls make that can jeopardise their privacy.

Chatting About Local Events

When chatting to customers online make sure you’re careful about what you reveal about yourself. While chatting about the weather where you are may seem harmless; local news reports could give away your approximate location. Avoid discussing topics that could allow a customer to trace information back to you; such as events going on in your local area or recent news about your hometown. If that isn’t possible, simply use vague ambiguity to avoid being specific.

Posting on Social Media

If you have posted a photo onto your personal social media accounts, you might also like to post it onto you camgirl account. However; this is a common mistake made by webcam models. A quick Google image search can lead customers right to your personal accounts and your career as a webcam model could be exposed. We recommend keeping the photos of you and photos of your model persona completely separate to avoid anyone discovering your real identity.

Skimming or not reading the manual

When setting up your new profile, it might be tempting to skip the training manuals and go straight to making money. However, this can jeopardise your privacy as you may miss crucial details about setting up geographic restrictions and using a secure phone service. As the UK’s leading management agency for webcam models; we provide our very own training videos to help webcam models set up their profile and hide their location. Make sure to take the time to read the guides we provide you to ensure your wiser and safer when you become a cam model.

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