From ‘Side Hustle’ to Full-Time Job: How to Become a Cam Girl

Off The Record How To Become A Successful Cam Girl

There is an assumption that being a cam model is easy. However, this is definitely not the case! While being a webcam girl is a rewarding and lucrative career, there is lots of hard work and dedication that goes on behind the camera which most people don’t see. For live webcam models, full-time camming means being your own boss. You are responsible for the finances, marketing and operation of your personal brand. 

Here at Off The Record Models, a UK-based cam girl agency, we pride ourselves on providing a community of experienced camgirls who support new webcam models. We know how daunting it can be when starting out, so we are always here to help! Read below from our current live cam models what it’s like to work as a full-time cam model: 

Webcam model work isn’t as simple as people may think! There’s so much more to it than just turning the webcam on in a push-up bra and over-lining your lips. Many nights I have sat for 4+ hours with nobody calling through! You have to be very patient and work hard to build up a loyal customer base. Before starting, I read lots of online stories about guys that seek live webcam models and what it means to them, what they want etc. I also did a lot of research when I first started looking into equipment for my shows. I’m not technically minded at all so I went straight to my computer geek friend who helped me choose the right webcam. I wanted to give my viewers the best show possible!” – Shona aka Chastity_Rose.

“Google has become my best friend since being a webcam model! One thing you can’t prepare for is the range of topics that will come up during a session. I love to learn new things and hear people talk about their interests, job, places and I want an understanding of what we’re talking about. My phone is always in front of me with Google open ready to type in some keywords. From quantum physics to the names of the seven dwarfs, it can be anything and everything. The outfit changes always make me giggle. Someone politely asked for a secretary look so I slid off the bed casually and then it’s all systems go off camera to put the look together. What they don’t see is me tripping over the pencil skirt and flinging another laddered hold-up across the room… comical and not sexy at all!” – Lisa aka SofiaSanctuary. 

“I don’t think people realise how many notes camgirls like to keep! I like to greet my returning clients like true friends and to make them feel truly special. After a session, I’ll write down their username and anything noteworthy that we discussed. For me, the simple act of writing it down reinforces it in my head and makes me more likely to remember. Often during my quiet moments, I flick through and read little excerpts. This could be anything from where their in-laws live or an event they had coming up. There are also things like a golf match, their son’s latest holiday, what documentaries they like etc. This is commented on lots in the initial few visits as clients are thrilled that you remember them and are taking an interest. I speak to my regulars so often that sometimes you cover so much ground you forget things that they’ve told you before. Therefore, keeping a little notepad of conversations is a great way to jog your memory” – Rachel K. 

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