How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I’m A Webcam Model?

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Things have just become serious with the guy of your dreams. You’re all loved up and things couldn’t be going better… but you’re scared to tell him you’re a webcam model. We know just how daunting this conversation can seem. You’re probably wondering ‘how will he react’? It’s no secret that camming is deemed a taboo line of work; so, it’s completely natural that you’re worrying about the bigger picture.

Here at OTR webcam model agency, we are cam girls ourselves. With our knowledge, we are well-versed in being a webcam model and relationships. Here, we share our advice.


Be Open and Honest

Discussing your career path and aspirations with a new partner can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re about to reveal that you work in the adult industry. Whether you cam full time, or it’s your side hustle, it’s important that you’re true to yourself throughout the process.

If you genuinely love being a webcam model and can see this being a long-term career, it’s important to be open and honest as early on as possible. Your career choice is part of your identity. Ensuring that you are truthful from the start, sets the president for an honest relationship. Lies and cover ups are never the way forward, even though they seem the best options at first.

People tend to prefer to be told the truth (even when this is hard) over being kept in the dark. Failing to talk about your career may be perceived as deception if/when it comes out further down the line.

In these early stages, you don’t have to go into details if you don’t want to. However, explaining why you enjoy your job will show your partner how passionate you are about your day-to-day and help to make things a little more digestible. If for any reason your partner is opposed to your career choice, then it’s positive that you know so now, rather than later.


Empathise but Don’t Compromise

Being a webcam model is an extremely rewarding career. It’s important that your partner understands your reasons for camming, so that they can support you best. In some cases, your career path won’t change a thing. Un others, you may feel that your partner needs a little more understanding.

If this is the case, they should hear you out and equally, you should be a listening ear to the conversation they may pose. Reassure and educate where needs be, however, you should never feel as if you have to apologise or potentially give up your aspirations within the adult industry because of a negative reaction.

Likewise, we’ve heard of some instances where webcam models agree to be in an exclusive relationship because they’re worried that their partner doesn’t approve of their career. Making things exclusive should be an exciting and positive next step in your relationship, because you both feel the time is right. Not because you need to prove your loyalty in any way. Camming is your career, it’s not solely who you are as a person; a good partner should always put you as a person first, no matter the circumstances.

Spend Quality Time 

Just like you would schedule around any other career, be sure you are setting aside quality time to spend with each other. The diary of a webcam model can be here, there and everywhere, as well as at busy and unsociable hours. If you haven’t told your partner about your career, they’ve probably noticed your hectic schedule.

Once your partner is aware of your job, you’ll feel a weight is lifted. Consequently, you can both enjoy the fruits of trust and full transparency. Your job doesn’t define your relationship, so go and make the most of the things that make you happy as a couple. Camming can offer the perfect work-life balance, ensure that your partner is aware of this and make plans to do fun things together!

Being a cam girl can be demanding at times; pencilling in downtime and enjoying each other’s company is the best way to unwind. Be sure you both set aside some time for a weekly date night. This can simply be cooking dinner together, or watching a movie, it just ensures that quality time together outside of work and adds to a happy and healthy relationship.


Get in Touch

If you’re a webcam model who is worrying about telling her partner about your career, our advice is ‘honesty is the best policy’. Rip that plaster off sooner rather than later. This way, you you can live life to the full and enjoy whatever the future holds!

If you’re looking to become a webcam model, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here, or for a little more information, take a look at our Instagram, @offtherecord_models.

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