How Much Do Cam Girls Make?

how much do cam girls make

We’re often asked how much do cam girls make? Well, the truth is your financial possibilities are limitless! It all depends on how much you want to bring in month to month! The key elements here are the drive and determination to succeed, a clear unwavering passion for your career, as well as ensuring you have a good support system around you.

Good things take and time and unfortunately, it’s not as simple as switching on your camera and the money comes rolling (although this has happened!). Camming is all about building a connection and rapport with your clientele, to encourage a regular following. It’s your regulars that will ensure a higher income, whilst you build your profile within the adult industry.


So How Much Can Be Made?

Our cam girls can make anything from £100-£12,000 a week, uncapped. The latter is the highest we’ve seen at the end of one week. At Off The Record Models, we are proud to be one of the highest paying cam agencies, paying up to 15% higher than others!

It’s important to remember that although cam can pay well, many factors can affect your final earnings figure. This includes the time of day you cam, the hours you’re working that week, how you’re promoting yourself and if you have a regular following.


How to Make Money on Webcam

Here are our top tips on how to make more money as a webcam model:


Determination and A Positive Attitude

We can’t stress what a profound impact true grit, determination and a can-do attitude can have on your work. To succeed in this industry, you have to be a keen self-starter and believe in yourself, even when things get tough. We are big believers in manifestation and affirmation – what you think you become. So, keep your personal narrative kind and positive. Remember, what you put out, is what you’ll get back.


Find A Niche

Setting yourself apart from the crowd is imperative. It’s no secret that the camming industry is highly saturated. Anything that allows you to swoop in and gain regular clientele above your competition is a win. Honing into a niche and promoting your services on separate work socials is a steadfast way to do this!

A niche means that you specialise in a certain kink and primarily offer this to clients. The possibilities are endless, and there are always people searching for their niche of choice, so it’s a great way to garner appropriate traffic to your profile. Do some research into what interests you before you lock your kink down – if you’re passionate about the work you’re doing, the sincerity will only pay off in the long-term.



If you’re looking to know how to make money on webcam, we would recommend building a regular following. Consistent sessions online are the only way you’ll build your reputation and help to really make the difference when it comes to your salary. Your regulars can schedule frequent one to one sessions with you, which will guarantee a steady cash flow.


Reliable Support System

A support system is absolutely fundamental to aiding a higher profit on cam. Whether it’s a friend’s listening ear, or support in the form of a cam girl agency, having someone on hand who knows the ins and outs of your work is so important. We’re all human, we all need to vent and debrief. Camming can be lonely at times, so allowing yourself an outlet is really important. At OTR, we’re cam girls ourselves, so understand every aspect of the job and what it can bring – the good and the bad!


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If you’d like to increase your income over Christmas and New Year, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our friendly team, or for a little more information, check out our Instagram @offtherecord_models!


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