How Much Money Do Cam Girls Make

How Much Money Do Cam Girls Make

If you’re wondering ‘how much money do cam girls make?’, the truth is that your financial possibilities are limitless! At OTR, we have girls who earn £100,000+ per annum through dedication and hard work. Of course, it all comes down to how many hours you wish to spend online and your drive and passion for your career – cam is not a one size fits all job. This week, we discuss the importance of quality time on camera, money and how to maximise your earnings.

Drive and Dedication

One of the biggest draws to becoming a webcam girl is the money to be made in the industry. However, many people are under the illusion that you can get rich in a couple of hours via camming. Good things take and time and unfortunately, it’s not as simple as switching on your camera and earn thousands on day one (although we’re sure this has happened!).

Camming is all about building a connection and rapport with your clientele, to encourage a regular following. It’s your regulars that will ensure a higher income, whilst you build your profile within the adult industry. If you dedicate yourself to camming like you would any other passion, you will succeed.

Practice Makes Perfect

So, how much money do cam girls make? Ultimately, it comes down to how much of your time you want to spend online and whether cam is your sole income, or providing a little extra. Earnings on average can range from £100-£2,500 a week. Naturally, the more time and effort you put in, the more financial gain you will see. A few hours in the evening can easily boost your weekly earnings, you just have to be disciplined.

We would recommend heading online at the same time, so your regulars know when to find you. Be sure to schedule that one-on-one time too. Knowing your plan for the week will ensure a clear view of your targets, where you have room for more work and enable you to establish the perfect work-life balance.

Niches and Fetishes

We recommend finding a niche to those becoming a webcam girl. This is because viewers tend to seek out specific content to fulfil their fantasies in real time. This is something you can’t get in porn. Ultimately, it is the connection with a real person that your audience is after and offering something that sets you apart will always fare you well.

From foot fetish to domination, you can charge a lot of money to enact your viewers fetishes live on webcam.  Do a little research and see what takes your fancy, as it’s important that you are comfortable with the niche you choose to stick with.

Making Money on Webcam With OTR

If you’re looking to venture into camming full time, a supportive webcam model management agency can help you to hit the ground running. Some girls are apprehensive because of the fees surrounding agency work. Yes, agency’s do take a percentage of your earnings, but some take a lot more than others. Plus, many won’t have your best interests at heart. Do your research and be sure that the agency you pick has accredited success and founders that understand what you need.

At Off The Record Models, we offer up to 15% more than other agencies and pride ourselves on our supportive community. In fact, we are cam models ourselves, so we have experienced the industry first-hand. OTR are female founded and strive to create a support network for anyone starting out in the world of cam. We help to promote you and maximise your earning potential. We have recently been named as the best webcam company to work for UK and the highest-ranking agency by the platform we use!

Get in Touch

If you’ve found yourself Googling ‘how much do cam girls make’, this is your sign to take the leap! Not quite sure how to get started? We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have 24/7.

If you’d like to increase your income this New Year, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with our friendly team, or for a little more information, check out our Instagram @offtherecord_models!

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