How OTR Helped Me Become A Cam Model

The thought of being a webcam girl is incredibly exciting yet daunting at the same time. After all, you have probably heard of all the amazing benefits being a cam model gives you, but how exactly do you get started?

It’s easy to think that setting up an account on webcam model sites and streaming will bring you endless success. However, that’s not exactly how it works! If you want to become a cam model, you will need to develop your own personal brand, put in the hours on webcam and engage viewers. This might sound scary but you don’t have to do it alone!

Here at Off The Record Models, a leading webcam model agency in the UK, we know what it takes to be a cam model. Our team is made up of experienced cam girls who will support and mentor you through your journey to being a webcam girl. We also have the OTR community group chat which allows you to discuss any ideas or issues you have with other camgirls – meaning you are never alone throughout the entire experience.

If you’re still not certain on our webcam model management agency, here is what our current cam girls had to say about working with Off The Record Models and our community:

Red Delicious

“When starting out, there are so many technical issues that were completely solved via the girls helping. I definitely couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone at Off The Record. I know that whether it’s one of the owners or anyone else from the team, someone will be able to help me. Also, when you get started with Off The Record, they are able to provide helpful videos on how to become a camgirl. These videos and the team’s encouragement were hugely helpful at the beginning and remain so to this day!”

Camilla West

“For me, the owner of Off The Record was incredible when I was starting up. No matter how silly or simple my question was, she was happy to help and guided me through every step of the way. Even since then, if I’ve had any problems or concerns, she has helped me get past them and been very reassuring. I wasn’t expecting to receive so much support and encouragement as the team at OTR has provided and it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be as happy in the camming world (and in life, as this job has given me so much freedom and confidence) if it wasn’t for that!” – Camilla West.

Sofia Sanctuary

“To be honest sending that first application email was so daunting, I’d never done anything like this before and had very little knowledge. The first couple of emails were exchanged and I instantly felt at ease. Friendly, approachable and professional was the vibe! No question was too silly and every doubt was eased. When I joined OTR it was the owner of OTR that guided me. She even recommended a cost-effective starter laptop and a great webcam as well as tips on how to express who you are on your profile. ‘It’s all you’ were the most important words starting up. The support was 24/7 between me and the other girls. We have WhatsApp groups with a mix of newbies and old timers where everyone is equal. It’s clear we are all there for the same reasons and so there is respect between us all. There is never a time when someone isn’t there to give words of advice, support or just a giggle. I am definitely not technically minded but even I managed to get my perfect setup with the help of OTR. Having met the team personally I can see why OTR is such a success! They are down to earth, lovely people who have a passion for looking after their ‘family’ – which are the girls! Anyone that has thought about being a webcam girl or has tried and not had the best start, look no further! You will be right at home with the OTR family.”

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