Become a Cam Model: How to Avoid Camming Burnout

Being a cam model is not an easy job – we all know this. After all, you’re having to deal with beggars, scammers and all-around awful people while still entertaining and enticing the people who support you.


We say camming falls under the umbrella of helping jobs where you expand a lot of your emotional energy toward your clients and do not get much back – in the way of energy. That’s exactly why it’s easy to suffer from a burnout as a webcam model.

Plenty of girls take multiple days, or months, off from the webcam because they have overextended themselves for the sake of their viewers. In the process, they have neglected their own physical, emotional and mental health.

At Off The Record Models, our webcam model’s health and safety are important to us. We have put together this guide to taking care of yourself while maintaining your cam presence:

  1. Boundaries

    Before you rush to start camming all day, every day, it’s important to have some realistic expectations of yourself. Set firm boundaries about what you will and won’t do on camera, how often you will be camming and how available you will be off camera.We understand that your off-cam presence may be hard to set boundaries on, as you may feel your fans will forget about you and move on. However, your fans will understand your need for a private life outside of the webcam. You need to go and do your own things instead of constantly updating your Twitter and tweeting sexy pictures.

    By having a solid understanding of the connection you have with your audience outside of camming, you will have a greater peace of mind.

  2. Self-Care

    You may see self-care as taking bubble baths, putting on a face mask and getting your nails done. While these are all true, self-care can come in many different forms. Whether it’s taking a walk around the park or disconnecting from social media for a while, self-care helps you to give your body a rest – not just physically but emotionally and mentally.

  3. Connect with other camgirls

    Unfortunately, working behind a webcam in a socially stigmatised industry can be extremely isolating. You cannot talk about your work problems with “non-camgirl” friends and family as they just wouldn’t understand so who do you turn to? By having a friend who works in the industry, you can talk about work-stresses without fear of judgement.

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