How To Be A Successful Webcam Model: Tips from Real Live Cam Models

OTR Tips From Cam Girls

You have signed up and set up your profile for webcam modeling but now what? You may be wondering how to be a successful webcam model like so many of our girls at Off The Record. After all, the webcam modeling industry is extremely saturated. Therefore, you need to make sure you stand out among the many other live cam models out there.

Here at Off The Record Models, a leading webcam model agency in the UK, we assist women in their journey to become a camgirl by providing a safe and supportive community.

We asked our current cam models for their top tips for becoming a successful webcam model:

“Remember you are in control of what you do/show and who you talk to. You should never feel pressured to do things you’re not comfortable with. You are the boss, no matter how much these men think they are! Take your time finding your niche and getting to grips with how it works. There’s no rush! It takes a little while to get used to the way of the camming world and to find out what your niche is. You are your business. It’s not as simple as plugging in and making money right away. You have to build your brand, promote yourself everywhere, listen to your mentors, constantly update your profile and always be consistent.” – Char aka CamillaWestUK.  

“It’s important to listen to the people you talk to; ask them questions and engage with them. You want to get to know them and find out what makes them tick. Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and I’m genuinely interested in peoples’ lives, and enjoy talking to them.” – Becky aka Red Delicious. 

“The secret to success on cam? It’s no secret, it’s YOU. There is only one you, you are unique and although your interests/desires/kinks may be the same as others, how you see them in your mind and project them on cam will be completely different. Never compare yourself, you are your own success story. Only do what you are happy and comfortable with, there is no set way to cam. Some of my best sessions have been me rambling on about my love of exercise to home furnishings and even my new hoover…. who’d have thought! The advice, tutorials and support from OTR is amazing, read it, take it in, apply it and you can’t fail. Be consistent and log on at a similar time each session so people get to know when you’re about. Personally, I treat every new call like a first date… imagine sitting in a restaurant wanting to get to know everything about that person, what their vibe is and what they’re looking for. The conversation will flow in its own direction. Love what you do and enjoy yourself.” Lisa aka SofiaSanctuary.

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