How to Be a Webcam Model: Most Popular Lingerie Trends

How to Be a Webcam Model

Did you know that the type of lingerie you wear on cam could drastically increase your monthly earnings? Lingerie and underwear fetishes exist by themselves and although not all clients’ love for lingerie goes that deep, 101 of how to be a webcam model is making the effort in your shows. You’ll feel confident and look even sexier, which will result in regular clientele! Here are the most popular lingerie trends to help you prepare for your shows.


Lucrative Lingerie

Lingerie simply means undergarments or sleepwear. Traditionally, it’s a little more sophisticated than your everyday essentials; from silky slips and lacy stockings, to crotchless knickers and cupless bras, the possibilities for a new look are endless! Experiment with what you feel sexy and beautiful in! If you feel confident, it goes without saying that you will perform better, and this will increase your earnings.

Obviously, it’s important that you feel your best. However, it’s worth looking at the different fetishes that are out there, as it’s a niche you could certainly cash in on! Some viewers love specific types of underwear, from the material, colour and cut. You can even ask some of your current clients what they’d like to see you in (they can even treat you to their required taste). This a great way of building a relationship with them, but you also guarantee a return visit, extra tips and a growing lingerie collection. Invest in a few sexy styles and rotate your collections to see what fares you best.


Popular Trends

If you want to know how to be a webcam model, it starts with lingerie!


Bodysuit BDSM

Bodysuits are of high request on cam. They come in many different forms and material. Think of a swimsuit aesthetic; typically, they offer more coverage than a two piece but are incredibly sexy. Perfect for showing you off, without revealing too much too soon! This kind of lingerie tends to be popular with those who are into BDSM. Lace-up, cut outs, high leg thong styles and v bodices are all extremely sought after. The good news is that they can be bought fairly inexpensively and are widely available in all different shapes and sizes.


Girl Next Door

When you google how to be a webcam model, the ‘girl next door’ often comes up. This look/character is one of the most viewed niches on cam girl websites. There isn’t really a specific lingerie item that has to be worn to achieve this look. Many items can be used, which can certainly work in your favour because odds are, you’ll probably have what you need already! Often, a cropped or full-length baggy t-shirt or camisole work well. Bikini style underwear, French knickers or cheek shorts complete the look. It’s all about the flirt with this look. Again, not revealing too much but still sexy and keeps your audience wanting more.


Crotchless and Cupless

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be completely exposed. Crotchless and cupless lingerie can come with netting and strings to cover the right places. Crotchless knickers are extremely popular on POV cams – this is an extra webcam that can be set up for viewers to enjoy a more personal view; you can choose to show any part of your body, be sure to only offer what you’re comfortable with. Many cam viewers search for sexy, crotchless cam views and are willing to pay a lot of money for private viewing time!


Baby Doll

A chemise is a short slip dress, that you can simply slip into, it’s elegant and sophisticated and gives off those highly requested ‘baby doll’ vibes. Perfect for GFE encounters and date night, this attire is comfortable, flirtatious. Pair this kind of lingerie with stockings and pastel coloured frenchies underneath to complete the look.


Get in Touch

Although it’s a great idea to pay attention to popular lingerie trends, the most important thing is that you are comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Authenticity and passion for what you do is key and feeling sexy on cam will always enhance that!

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